Trail ride with Duke

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Trial ride with DukeI went for my first ride yesterday with Duke, a tall black horse with a beautiful soul. I have been feeling confused about horses the last few years. Since I was 3 years old I have been riding horses, and doing show jumping as a teenager, and breaking horses without their consent or without having empathy for them. Therefore I haven’t been enjoying riding in the last few years, as I felt that the horse was never really happy to be ridden, however at the ranch, it is a different story. There is something about those horses, they seem happy even though we make them carry some heavy weights for the trips; I can feel their inner peace. It is really hard to explain. They have hectares of land they could run away to, but they still make the choice to stay here. They are so fit and in such a good health, I am not sure if they carry the mountains in their hearts or if it is the mountains who give them their youth and enthusiasm to be with us. When I was riding Duke yesterday, I had a feeling that he was looking after me, he was proud of showing me his mountains and to even take pictures with me.
Love you Duke xxx

– Angy, France