My fishing afternoon

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My fishing afternoonWhen I was young, my family used to fish every summer at my grand-fathers pond. I’d never had the chance to fish. I was too small and if a fish was biting I would probably fall into the pond and I needed to practice. Unfortunately, when I turned 7 years old we couldn’t fish anymore in the pond because of some nasty plant. I was disappointed.

I had the opportunities to go fishing last week with the Fly-Fishing Guide School. The day before I trained myself a bit to cast, not the easiest part of the activity. It demands lots of practice to not touch somebody with the line and not burst the eye of somebody with the hook, but according to the guide I’m not too bad at casting; I had the basic moves pretty quickly. Proud of myself, I was more than ready to go tfishing the next day.

The next day after lunch, we went in Pearson Pond, a beautiful little lake surrounded by mountains. The view was awesome and on top of that it was sunny day. After 15 minutes, I’d already had a bite, but unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough to pull the rope. 5 minutes later, I caught my first fish! A gorgeous and big one!

One hour later, perfect combo, we had seen one grizzly and her 3 cubs swimming in the lake and I also caught my second fish. The guide wanted to take a photo of me and my fish with the grizzly in background but unfortunately I didn’t hold the fish strong enough, he escaped.

After 2 hours of fishing and 3 caught fish, my patience reached the limits, I just laid down on the boat and enjoyed the sunny day.

Perfect Day!

– Catherine, France