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We are surrounded by exceptionally diverse nature, ranging from towering mountain ranges and ancient forests to sweeping valleys and turquoise lakes – We never get tired of exploring the wilderness but embarking into the wilderness comes with unexpected situations that will challenge you in ways you wouldn’t face in your ordinary environment. These natural obstacles will require you to focus on the necessities in demanding situations and once you have overcome the challenges, you will experience personal transformation to becoming more confident, driven and empowered.

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Do you want to break your routines and embark on a learning journey with a purpose in a supportive community that strives for the best? Are you looking for a transformational wilderness experience that will inspire you to live life more intentionally and meaningfully? We facilitate a unique learning program that holds endless opportunities for personal growth, evolvement and transformation that goes beyond improving your language skills.

The Wilderness Experiential English Immersion takes place at our ranch in the remote South Chilcotin Mountains, British Columbia. You will:

  • Get involved in our daily life
  • Develop your speaking abilities in an authentic environment
  • Be supported by our community, where we believe in each other, support each other and hold one another accountable
  • join us as we strive to become our best selves and have a positive impact on our environment, other peoples’ lives and nature
  • Learn about and live by our Three Pillar philosophy of Nature Connection, Conservation and Stewardship and Personal Development, including responsibility, initiative, contribution, connection and positivity supports us in achieving this. 

The Wilderness Experiential English Immersion allows you to participate in our activities as a hands-on experience for up to six months.

Experience a diverse learning environment

Within the Wilderness Experiential English Immersion program, you will experience all the departments that make up our ranch community to get an overview of our activities and gain useful skills you need for becoming more deeply involved in ranch life. We facilitate this range of opportunities to improve your English and transform your life. Each situation involves a different context and application for your language skills. While this can be challenging at times, these experiences are in place to provide constant English practice in all facets of the language, including English conversation and listening. As you apply yourself throughout our Wilderness Experiential English Immersion, you will see dramatic improvements in your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. After you have completed two weeks of practice in all departments, you will create your own Wilderness Experiential English Practice program outline and schedule where you will set your focus according to your interests, goals and purpose for this learning experience.

3 Steps to your unforgettable adventure

Talk with one of our mentor guides

You'll discuss the details & goals of your adventure

enjoy your wilderness adventure with us!

Leave the chaos of city life behind as you reconnect with nature and yourself

We offset guests' flight carbon production by investing in sustainable community forest management

5% of each trip supports conservation efforts in the Chilcotin Ark

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5 Benefits of Nature that You Need now!

1. Reduces stress
2. Improves memory
3. Fights mental fatigue
4. Boosts creativity
5. Builds relationships