Our Stewardship

How we contribute to stewardship of the land

We want to conserve the environment we benefit from. That’s why we get you involved in conservation on every trip into the mountains.
the conservation work you can get involved in contributes to the stewardship of the Chilcotin Ark, an area of high biodiversity and home to a variety of animals from Grizzly bears to California Bighorn sheep to mountain goats.

Join us for species population counts

Help us record the population of each species to determine herd recruitment and impacts on the animals. These annual counts will teach you about the habitats and behaviours of the species you are studying

Record the wildlife you see in our Wildlife Sightings Form

Help us record accurate population numbers for every species we see. These forms help shape the focus of our conservation projects

Learn to identify invasive and native plants

Is burdock an invasive species? What about Canada thistle? Our mentor guides will teach you which plants are native and which are invasive. Then get involved in invasive species removal

trail rides

Learn about range management with our grazing records

Learn how to record the plant diversity in our grazing meadows to ensure our horses don’t have a negative impact on the environment. Discover how this is part of our land management plans for the Chilcotin Ark

Offsetting carbon emmissions

We recognize that international travel contributes heavily to climate change and that carbon caused by flying is a major part of that. As an eco-tour company who has nature conservation as one of our Three Pillar values, we mitigate the carbon emitted by our own operations and our guests’ flights from the US and Europe by collaborating with our community forest partner. We do this by growing trees for carbon storage and sequestration, using selective sustainable forest management, by producing value-added carbon storage products, managing the forest for wildlife habitat and using it as an education tool for our guests. This mitigates our own operation and each guest’s carbon footprint. It may be an unconventional approach to the problem. That’s why we like it. It’s about taking responsibility with a hands-on approach, much like our Three Pillar philosophy. Find out more on Community Mill‘s website.

Carbon offset

5% conservation contribution

Our guests, students and interns all want to make their contribution to conservation of the wilderness. That’s why 5% of every trip and training program goes towards stewardship in the Chilcotin Ark. This conservation work includes wildlife species population counts, invasive species removal, data collection working with government and other local stakeholders to influence wildlife and habitat management with conservation as its focus. Find out more about our conservation work on the Chilcotin Ark Institute‘s website.

To find out more about our conservation work, check out our partners’ websites

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We offset guests' flight carbon production by investing in sustainable community forest management

5% of each trip supports conservation efforts in the Chilcotin Ark

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5 Benefits of Nature