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Give back to nature on your wilderness trip

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Sick of city life?
Escape the distractions of life and get back to what really matters.
Connect with nature, yourself and your family like never before.
We understand you want more from life than concrete walls, hurried schedules and meaningless distractions.
For over 28 years, we’ve been guiding people just like you on wilderness trips so they can connect with nature and refocus on what truly matters.

How will you connect with nature?

Browse our wilderness trips.

Wildlife Viewing Horse Pack Trip

Scout for wildlife in their natural habitat from a mountain hut.

Wilderness Horse Pack Trips

Explore mountains and meadows on horseback from a mountain hut

Dude Ranch Adventures

A horseback adventure and ranch experience

Dude Ranch Experience
Wildlife Viewing Dude Ranch

Wildlife viewing with the ranch as your home-base.

Hiking Trips

Hike the mountains from an alpine hut or the ranch

Fishing Trips

Fly-fishing in wilderness rivers

Photography Trips

Photograph mountain scenery, wildlife, ghost towns and western culture

Winter Adventures

Snowmobiling, ice-fishing, and snowshoeing in the Canadian mountains

Mountain Biking Adventures

Experience the wilderness on a mountain bike...

Develop the skills and mindset to work and thrive in the wilderness

Learn to live off the land with what nature provides

Experience horseback riding and nature in this immersive learning environment

Alpine mountain private log cabins and historic lodge with rooms

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So how can I build my dream trip and do my part for conservation?

The Booking Process - 3 easy steps to connect with nature and yourself

Ready to transform and take the first step to bring meaning back into your life? Use our Wilderness Readiness Assessment to clarify your interests.

Your guide will review trip options with you, walk you through the booking process, and answer any questions along the way.

Leave all distractions and stress of city life behind and reconnect with nature and your inner core.


Helping you connect with nature and get meaning back in your life is our mission.

No commitment is required until you’re ready for it.

Amazing Trip and Amazing People
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Elke T., 1 week ago

"I was confronted with my fears, flaws, and strengths, which was very scary but extremely valuable. Now, I have clear goals, and feel more connected to nature than ever!"

Wow! This was a great experience!
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Verena F., 1 month ago 3 weeks ago

"The horseback riding experience took us completely out of our urban lives and into an experience of fresh mountain air, no cell service, and complete stillness."

Simply the Best Place To Go
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Konstantin, 1 week 2 days ago

"From the first day, I learned that the wilderness has no time for our self-pity. I learned to take responsibility for myself, to take more initiative and that attitude is everything. My leadership skills grew daily and by the time I left Chilcotin Holidays, my attitude about life changed drastically. When I returned to Germany I had clear goals to pursue."

ReConnection with Nature
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Susie and family, UK, 2 weeks 5 days ago

We all felt connected to nature and seeing those bears as we set off after our stay was possibly the most exciting thing ever! Truly wild bears……and the bird life at the lake was fabulous not to mention those wild flowers!! Stunning.

All Girls Horse Pack Trip
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Colleen, 1 month ago

Thank you Chilcotin Holidays for a fabulous vacation! It exceeded my expectations. Our all women team of guide and guides in training were fantastic and inspirational in their strength, knowledge, and resourcefulness. Kristin, Angy and Veronika were amazing. My friends, Helen and Linda, made for an all women pack trip that was exceptional.

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1. Reduces stress
2. Improves memory
3. Fights mental fatigue
4. Boosts creativity
5. Builds Relationships