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Wilderness experiences in the Canadian back-country

Embark on your own wilderness experience

Discover yourself in the heart of the wilderness at a mountain retreat where boundless skies and endless wonders are just the beginning.

Explore our selection of wilderness experiences that will have you counting the days till you can begin your own adventure in this pristine Canadian wilderness.

Welcome to Chilcotin Holidays. A place where you can reconnect with nature as you disconnect from the demands of everyday life. A place where new discoveries happen every day, both in the wilderness around you and in the depths within you.

Our wilderness experiences are built by nature. Fueled by its breathtaking landscapes and consciously adapted to handle its unpredictable whims. We craft every journey, every experience to allow you to fully connect with nature.

Ride through the mountains like an intrepid explorer on our horse pack trips. Learn new skills as you get involved with saddling and looking after the horses. Discover untapped strength as you trek to new peaks and take in stunning vistas. Experience the rush of conquering a peak you didn’t think you could climb during our mountain biking adventures. During our fishing retreats in the stillness of the Canadian wilderness, you may find a whole new outlook on the other end of the line. Experience the majesty of Canadian wildlife adapting and thriving in the midst of a demanding environment during a wildlife tracking experience. Or become a cowboy as you live the ranch lifestyle during our dude ranch experience.

Regardless of how you want to journey, each of our wilderness experiences bring you face to face with the awe-inspiring wonders and rugged realities of pure nature. Chilcotin Holidays is a place unlike any other. Instead of confining the laws of nature to a book, we live them out in each and every moment.

Come discover a true mountain retreat, where you take home more than a refreshed mind and stories to share. After your nature encounter, you’ll leave with a whole new understanding of who you are and what you’re capable of.

We invite you to explore what the Canadian wilderness holds for you.
There’s no telling what you’ll discover just beyond the next mountain.