The Bear Viewing adventure with Chilcotin Holidays

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The Bear Viewing adventure with Chilcotin HolidaysThe long awaited anticipation for our bear sight seeing horse pack trip in the Chilcotin Mountains is a welcoming feeling as the ranch comes into view. After the long drive in, having friendly faces of the staff greeting us, with the offer of food to boot, kicks off our introduction to the ranch and a welcomed start our horse pack trip. The food and the community environment up here keeps guests feeling included, free of judgment, free of feeling the pressures of society, the guides and ranch staff help you feel safe and at ease in the new environment.

Up here, where the bears and wildlife, trees, rocks, streams, snow tipped mountains, raging rivers and rooted pathways, connects to maintain a natural balance; humanity forgets they are no different in needing the same balance, connecting with their biological uniqueness. Our bodies, our minds, our very core beings, still have a primal need to connect with the world around, and that is exactly what guests can look forward to with these horse pack trips. The guides and ranch staff treat guests with respect and enthusiasm by encouraging guests to get their hands dirty, if they so choose, in all that goes on in preparation and understandings of their ranch adventure. It’s quite the experience as guests really get a feel for natures part in our world.

The wilderness is serene and intense, it can be stimulation overload with the beauty of what’s around when exploring the geography and exciting encounters this horse pack trip holds, especially when guests see the bears from horseback. These magnificent predatory animals show how nature comes back awake from its long cold slumber, to replenish the cycle of life in its purest form. Guests, guides, ranch staff, anyone experiencing this reawakening of life, is exposed to a unique way to see bears and wildlife in their natural habitat as they reconnect with their surroundings, just like it connects us all.

Preserving the natural habitat for these creatures is imperative for their survival, and our survival, but the guests’ enjoyment and exposing them to experiences, is the focus on this bear tour. The sad truth is if there was no efforts for conservation in this region, or across the globe, the chance of experiencing anything, let alone the Grizzly Bears and Black Bears on this horse pack trip in the Chilcotin Mountains, would be scarce at best, and nonexistent at worst if no one took notice; but right now with the efforts taking place here at the ranch, the stewardship and conservation the ranch and ranch staff pour themselves into, guests have the opportunity to experience nature at its best.

The Bear Viewing adventure with Chilcotin HolidaysWhether you come with a family and friends, coworkers or on your own, this horse pack trips, or any ranch vacation, connects guests with nature and with themselves in their own unique ways. From saddling horses and eating around campfires, to sitting in the sun and taking deep breaths, guests leave here with their individual connections to nature from a horse pack trip.

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