How I discover and I developed my leadership skills

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How I discover and I developed my leadership skillsTo be honest, if you were asking me what is leadership development one month ago I’m sure I was not able to answer you.

I evolved in a really hierachic environnement in the french’s kitchens.

In this type of businness, you have a boss, a second, a second of the second and so on.

Everybody have to stay on his place and believe me it’s better to be on top of the pyramid.


No place for initiative or new things if you are not in the good post. You just need to do what you have to do without any reflexion and lessover with a good relationship.

That sounds like a robot society not a society with people who interact with each other.


When i came in the chilcotin holidays I discovered an enterprise without this hierarchy, everybody knew what they have to do, everybody was on their own and all worked very well ! I was so impressed and I admit a bit lost.

I had the opportunity to see people teaching other with patience and application and due to this finding I started to be more confident and more inspired.

The goal of this process is to be understood and to understand the other to be sure that your message is well transmited.


With my personal development growth in the kitchen I take more and more responsibility at one moment I wasn’t able to do all on my own..

So what can I do ? Deleguated of course ! In this topic obliged to interecat with other people not just with your little « me ».

I had the chance to work with an amazing team always available to get the job done, and that’s where I started my leadership development.


Be a leader is not just about giving order, it’s really much more.

When you want to be a good leader you have to be sure that the people go where you want and be sure that they learn and improve themsleves at the same time. It’s also a lot about show the example and inspired your team.

So I learn how to deal with a lot of different person and character, be the more professionnal, human and understanding.

At the beggining it wasn’t so simple. But as soon as I saw the personal development of others growing and when they tell me that they learn something from me, my behaviour starts to change and I started to be more confident.

Something made a huge difference in my evolution it was when I understand that I have to trust the people.

Trust is the stick of every relationship and it’s the key of a well established exchange.

As soon as I put my trust on my team, they trust more on me, they feel recognnized and respected and they provide a really good job. It’s a virtuous circle.

Now my priorities when I go to work is not just « work », it’s improve myself, the other, inspired and lead them in the highest level as I can.


The discovery and the practice of my leadership development at Chilcotin holidays has changed for sure my vision of what a team can be and has to be and I will continue to improve this skills in my future as an entrepreneur.


Melvin, France