Giant Moons and long howls, wolf tracking adventures call to you

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Wolf Tracking Vacations with Chilcotin HolidaysHave you gone on vacation and let relaxation be your only guide? Well deep in the magnificent Chilcotin Mountains there is relaxation, of course, but being idle out here misses the fun. Wolf tracking Vacations are packed full of delightful tidbits in these information packed experiences, guided by knowledgeable and friendly wilderness guides as they help bring out unique moments and hands-on connections to the flora and fauna that grace the wilderness. Canada has some of the best recreational opportunities to explore, especially in the Chilcotin Mountains with formidable wildlife and rugged wilderness terrain. The desired outcome of viewing wildlife in the Chilcotin Mountains, or anywhere, is subject to the animals; and when looking for wolves, our Wolf Tracking Vacations are filled with lots of exploring along the way as wolves are highly mobile creatures; usually covering around 20-30 km a day, hunting to fill their bellies.

At Chilcotin Holidays, we offer all the comforts of home while we reconnect our guests to the nitty-gritty, down to earth pleasures that can be had with the natural world of nature. Chilcotin Mountains Wildlife viewing is very rewarding for guests and for our conservation and stewardship efforts for this region, as we gain more understanding with every tour we take, our conservation and stewardship excursions give guests a first-hand take on what our efforts, and the efforts of other organizations, are doing to keep nature as natural as can be. As we navigate the frozen lakes and surrounding wilderness, getting involved with wildlife conservation and stewardship, we are helping to ensure their future, and our own.

Chilcotin Holidays has observed wolves for over 25 years, and has created some of the best possible Wolf Tracking Vacations because of this. Chilcotin Holidays constantly contributes to the endeavors of conservation and stewardship in the Chilcotin Regions, by helping document animals and invasive species, as we strive to preserve our lands. By doing this, the benefits of providing guests with the opportunity to observe and experience, not only wolves, but moose, coyotes, big horn sheep, mule deer, bears, cougars, and many more beautiful creatures in the Caribou-Chilcotin Region, we are encouraging others to consider their own abilities and the roles they could take in conservation and stewardship.

The Chilcotin Mountains are home to the Gray Wolves, the member of the canine family. Their fur can be almost pure white to a brindled mix of light grey, brown and black, making tracking with fur, paw prints, and scat (droppings) the basic ways to follow along. Viewing these animals starts early, by breaking in the dawn with calling across a frozen lake and hearing the returned calls from the wolf pack. Up here it’s a game of wits, strategy and analyzing the facts and surroundings for each adventure; your own perseverance to experience wildlife makes the adventure unforgettable. These animals are publicly, culturally and environmentally significant to us in BC, and having the opportunity to share Chilcotin Mountains’ conservation and stewardship efforts for Wildlife and their home, with fellow adventure enthusiasts is what we do best.

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