The magical hour of fishing

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The magical hour of fishingOne of the many attributes of being a volunteer within the wilderness stewardship foundation, alongside supporting conservation and stewardship is that you have access the best spots of lake trout fishing on the best lakes in the Chilcotin Mountains.

The magical hour is recorded on a daily fishing sheet, collected by all participants who take a fishing trip from the ranch. This is to make recordings of the condition of the lake and its ecology. A total of 3 stewards and friends of the foundation, took a trip down to the local fishing lake, Pearson Pond to catch some fresh water fish and engage in wildlife data collection.

We drove out from the ranch and had a good feeling about our trip. The drive was smooth and short. Getting the boat onto the water went well and rowing into the middle of the lake opened us up to a dream world, local fishing had never been so easy. If you looked to the bottom, you can see the green and brown weeds, if you look to the sky, you see blue and if you look into the distance, you can see the perfect lake trout fishing spot, silhouetted by flies and birds.

As we continued our new experience of fishing in BC, I was able to find a mayfly floating on the water. I took the opportunity and grabbed my newly found bait, attaching it to my hook and casting it into the water. After feeling this accomplishment, we struck gold with seeing the nature surrounding us. This was the magical hour, when birds of prey come to watch us catch fresh water fish. Two eagles had appeared on the water, and were completely intrigued in our task at hand. A beaver was also flowing past us, as we continued to out next highlighted spot.

The magical hour of local fishing in BC is a wonderful experience, it brings all of natures guests to view its natural display.


Georgina, UK