Grizzly and Black bear Tracking and Conservation Horse Pack Trip

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Grizzly and Black bear Tracking and Conservation Horse Pack TripTwo of Canada’s most famous and fearsome animals are the grizzly and black bears. Chilcotin Holidays offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you to experience a thrilling encounter with these majestic creatures. Observing the bears from afar on horseback is a unique experience. You will be embarking on a four day journey to see, learn, and experience bears.

Canadian Grizzly bears can be found in abundant numbers in the South Chilcotin Mountains while Canadian Black bears populate all of British Colombia. More knowledge on the bears’ diets, anatomies, similarities and differences, behavior, and much more will be discussed by highly skilled guides who will accompany you on your adventure.

The first day will contain the preparation of your trip. You will be arriving at noon for lunch with your own vehicle for our shuttle bus service is not available for the Bear Tracking Trip. After lunch at the ranch, you will be attending the Horse Riding Orientation where we match the riders to their horse, fit saddles, and practice horsemanship skills. Then there will be an introductory trail guide along Gun Creek and you will be reviewing trip information with your guides during dinner. After dinner you will be repacking personal gear into mountain duffel bags and then spend the night in ranch accommodations.

On day two, you will be served breakfast at the ranch. Then you will watch your guides pack and saddle your horses or get a hands-on orientation before you ride out. You will begin to track for bears and see various forms of Canadian wildlife through the ride. You will be having lunch break in a wildflower meadow. On your way to camp you will stop at territorial grizzly rub trees and search for grizzly tracks while our guides continue to give interesting facts about them. Once you arrive at the campsite, you may relax or join your guides as they lead the horses to their grazing meadows. Then you shall have dinner and spend the night at camp.

On day three, before breakfast, join your guides as they retrieve the horses from their grazing meadows. This will be the perfect opportunity to spot bears who can be found in the same meadows. After breakfast at camp, you will continue to explore new trails. Lunch break will take place in a mountain pass and spend the rest of the afternoon looking for bears. Once you arrive at camp, you may relax or join your guides once again in leading the horses to their meadows before having dinner and spending the night at camp.

Day four is where all we wrap everything back up. You will have breakfast at camp before riding all the way back to the ranch through bear habitats. You will then have lunch at a mountain pass or alpine meadow. Once you arrive back at the ranch you will pack up and depart in the afternoon.

Please note that we do stick as much as possible to the itinerary. Changes in weather and circumstances may cause us to adjust the schedules to what we see as proper.


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Grizzly and Black bear Tracking and Conservation Horse Pack Trip