Invest in your personal development

personal development

In this newsletter, we want to focus on your personal development with our wilderness horseback guide school and how you can make the most of this opportunity while connecting to nature and contributing to the conservation of the Chilcotin Ark.

Personal Development

Are you looking for a simple way to invest in your personal development? Reading a book on personal development is a great way to get some new perspectives and practices. Check out our recommended books on our Trails to Empowerment website to find the book for you.

Wilderness Horseback Guide School

This week we are running our first wilderness horseback guide school of the year. During their first week at the ranch, our students learned how to saddle, pack and shoe their horses, guide guests and prepare for a trip into the mountains. The second week of their guide school is now taking place at one of our mountain camps where they are putting their new skills into practice, as well as new skills like campfire cooking, wood splitting and learning trails.
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Ready to sign up?

Complete the Wilderness Readiness Survey to help you gain clarity on your interests, goals and purpose for your wilderness experience. Then, sign up for the wilderness horseback guide school that meets your interests. Courses run throughout the summer so you are sure to find the dates that work for you.

Wilderness Readiness Survey

Other ways to invest in your personal development

Are you ready to learn some new skills or discover a new mindset? All of our hands-on training programs and guest trips are full of learning opportunities, to learn about nature and yourself. Our partner training website, the Wilderness Training Academy, offers programs designed around the Three Pillars of nature connection, personal development and nature conservation. Whichever program you choose, there will be lots of wilderness-themed learning opportunities.
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Community update

With the completion of our horse logging school, we are straight into our wilderness horseback guide program. This is a full time program for our guide school students, but is also providing opportunities for the rest of the community to learn some new skills such as shoeing and packing. Our philosophy of defining our interests, goals and purpose, contributing to the community and making our own daily schedules means everyone has the opportunity to get involved in every new event. By identifying their interests, all of our community were able to take part in elements of the guide school that were most of interest to them, while also taking responsibility to make sure everything else got done – that’s everything from making pack trip bookings in the office and fixing equipment to cooking meals for twenty people and feeding the horses, cats, dogs and chickens.

Have you seen our latest video? Keira, Jacqueline and Sophia joined us for a pack trip where they connected with nature, got involved in conservation projects and learned lots of new skills. See what you can experience on a pack trip with us here.

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Do you need some calm in this world of turmoil?
Far away from world chaos, is a place in nature known as the real Shangri-La or Utopia of Canada called the Chilcotin Ark, our real and achievable connection to nature where there is no fear in drinking water from mountain streams, breathing crisp clean mountain air, harvesting berries from the alpine valleys, catching fish in the alpine lakes and being a contributor to nature’s natural order. There’s no cell phone, no traffic, it’s off grid and self-sustainable. You can join us in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Join us as a guest, an intern, a community member or as a community business partner.

Our community is built on our Three Pillar philosophy of personal development, nature connection and nature conservation. These Three Pillars are how we embody environment, social and governance factors, taking responsibility for our environment, both natural and cultural. We are a culture of equals where women and men take responsibility and initiative to be leaders, guides and mentors.
You can work in this community from horse care, mechanics, office and kitchen to horse logging, sustainable forestry and conservation projects to name a few opportunities. We’re a diverse business and you can get involved in any aspect from intern to management. Take a look at our intern page on our Chilcotin Holidays website and if you’re ready to join us, take the Wilderness Readiness Survey on Trails to Empowerment’s website.

Our interns applying for their Working Holiday Visas through Experience International Canada are getting their visas in very short times – some as quickly as six weeks. So now is the time to apply for your work visa.

We look forward to being part of your next nature connection wilderness experience.
Your Chilcotin Holidays Team