Ranch Based Eagle
Scouting and Conservation Trip

Are you looking for an eagle scouting experience that allows you to disconnect from city life and reconnect to nature?

  • Learn the habitats and behaviour of eagles in british columbia
  • scout for eagles by horseback, hiking or truck
  • watch eagles fish nearby lakes and roost in trees
  • Escape the distractions of daily life in our remote mountain setting
  • Connect with nature as you differentiate a young bald eagle from a golden eagle
  • Join in real conservation projects that safeguard the local ecosystem
  • Experience a 4 or 7 day eagle scouting trip with all meals and accommodation provided

Ranch based eagle scouting itinerary

On your ranch based eagle scouting trip in British Columbia, arrive at the ranch and enjoy lunch in our historic lodge. Then meet your horse, learn how to saddle, take a short ride to prepare for the rest of the trip and review the trip itinerary with your guides.

Next morning bring in and saddle your horses then ride out on a morning ride to get to know the area, scouting for eagles at prime spots along the way. After returning to the ranch for lunch, ride out again in the afternoon on a new trail, looking for bald eagles in different locations. Perhaps watch an eagle catch a fish from the lake.

Early morning and evening are the best times to see eagles so head out at sunrise and sunset by horse, foot or truck to scout for eagles at nearby lakes. Look out for mountain goats, grizzly and black bears, mule deer, moose and other animals in their natural habitat.

Learn about where to find golden eagles and their behaviours. Record every animal you see in our wildlife sightings form to contribute to habitat and wildlife population management. Remove invasive plant species and collect data along the way such as grizzly hair from rub trees for DNA analysis.

On your final morning, learn how to do bareback riding, archery and biathlon target shooting before lunch with a final review of the week’s eagle scouting adventure.

3 Steps to your unforgettable adventure

Talk with one of our mentor guides

You'll discuss the details & goals of your adventure

enjoy your wilderness adventure with us!

Leave the chaos of city life behind as you reconnect with nature and yourself

We offset guests' flight carbon production by investing in sustainable community forest management

5% of each trip supports conservation efforts in the Chilcotin Ark

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5 Benefits of Nature that You Need now!

1. Reduces stress
2. Improves memory
3. Fights mental fatigue
4. Boosts creativity
5. Builds relationships
5 Benefits of Nature