You won’t get lost as a Wilderness Guide

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You won’t get lost as a Wilderness GuideBeing a prepared Wilderness Guide starts with the basic tools of the trade, knowledge, understanding, and awareness. If you don’t have all the skills required for being out in the wilderness, chances are, things can go wrong. Having the needed knowledge of the wilderness itself lets you explore the beauty of nature. The animals, the terrain, the climate, the plants and habitats, basically everything you see, touch, smell and hear, are recognized through practice, practical skills and continued learning. By knowing what things are in the wilderness and being able to recognize and understand what your senses tell you, and how to respond if needed, in the safest way, are essential skills for Wilderness Guiding. So don’t take on the responsibility of others, or yourself, out in the wilderness without being prepared with the knowledge and skill level needed, because the wilderness, the animals, the terrain, the seasons and conditions, could have serious consequences.

But fear not, because enrolling with the Advanced Wilderness Guide training at Chilcotin Holidays Guest Ranch, teaches nature beginners to natures advanced adventurists, about building and developing skills for wilderness guiding, and keeps your senses sharp, your knowledge fresh and responses at the ready. Chilcotin Holidays Wilderness Guide training, explains the regulations and procedures for working in this industry; such as horse care responsibilities and western horsemanship while at the ranch and in the wilderness, because keeping the horses and their riders safe, having the ability to ensure a good time and enjoying the wildlife, keeps the businesses going and people coming back.

Some key skills for exploring the wilderness and wildlife areas, start off with problem-solving skills and leadership skills, knowing your horse husbandry and wildlife tracking awareness and safety protocols, bush craft and wilderness survival techniques, constructing and scouting camps best suited for the specific trips, knowing the region and seasonal changes and effects keeps people safer; there are many important factors, and over time they will become a regular habit just by being an adventuring Wilderness Guide.

Understanding the tricks of the trade about packing equipment and packing horses, trip planning skills, scouting and tracking wildlife, knowing plants and their uses, and understanding navigation based on surroundings, are the fundamentals of Wilderness Guide awareness and safety, and helps raises confidence as you learn and grow by accomplish your goals. It is a few days out of your life, in the great scheme of things, but you will learn a lifetime of knowledge for safely being in the wilderness, and learn all about the lifestyle of outdoor tourism.

The program is designed to get you doing, moving and thinking. Having the skills to understand how, when, and what to do, on the ranch, trails, at mountain camps, or any area a Wilderness Guide could find themselves in, is designed into these programs. It is important for you to gain the skill sets for working in the wilderness, because it opens up opportunities to the many exciting backcountry careers; its your choice where you go from there.


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