Wolf tracking and conservation adventure

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Wolf tracking and conservation adventureWolves are one of nature’s most dangerous predators in the world and Chilcotin Holidays has over 25 years of expertise when it comes to tracking them down.  Experience the thrill of following the trail of a wolf pack and spotting their tracks to have the chance to be able to encounter them.  You will not only be able to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, you will also be able to learn about wolves as individuals and as a pack.  Canada’s stunning wintry display will also surely enchant you as well as the diverse wildlife that you may also encounter on the Wolf Tracking and Conservation Adventure.  Twenty-five years of experience with these animals lets us have the knowledge on the best where and when but everything is still on the whims of the wilderness.

Once you arrive to the ranch at midday from Vancouver via Chilcotin Bus Shuttle, you will be served lunch.  After lunch you will be having a map orientation where the trails, locations and highlights will be properly discussed with your guides.  You will also learn any distinctive tracks or signs of wolf activity in an area and how to follow their trail.  You will then be given the chance to spot these wondrous creatures across the frozen lake behind the safety of the tree line.  Return to the ranch for dinner and spend the night in ranch accommodations.

Days two and three contain the same schedule.  After breakfast at the ranch, your highly skilled guides will lead you out and begin following any leads by truck or foot.  Along the way you will learn more about wolves, their packs, the packs’ mentality, and much more.  Lunch break will be done in the mountains where you can rest and admire the beautiful surroundings.  The wolf viewing expedition will continue in the early evening as this is the time period as to when wolves are most active.  Across an icy lake, you will learn the secrets to wolf howling and may expect a reply from the other side of the frozen body of water should you be able to successfully howl.  Your group will then drive back to the ranch to enjoy a warm, comforting dinner before retiring to your respective ranch accommodations.

On day four you will be having your final wolf expedition in the snowy wilderness after breakfast at the ranch.  You will also be discussing and evaluating wolf activity and tracks in the past two days of exploration.  Return to the ranch for lunch before departing on the Chilcotin Bus Shuttle and arrive back in Vancouver in the evening.

Please note that we try to follow the itinerary as much as possible but due to changes in weather and circumstances, we may need to adapt to any circumstance as to what we see proper.

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