Advanced Horseback
wilderness mentor guide

Unique Skills

Our advanced wilderness mentor guide training focuses on the skills and advanced back-country experience that are mandatory for leading high level experiences as a horseback guide. While at the ranch, build your knowledge of wildlife and plant species, and learn how to address the unique challenges that different seasons and habitats present. Then put your advanced wilderness skills to the test as you journey with experienced instructors into remote wilderness locations. By riding off-trail and spike camping in the back-country, you’ll gain the awareness, navigational proficiency and horsemanship skills that are essential for all high level mountain guides. This will also provide new challenges that push you out of your comfort zone and allow you to experience a transformational journey.

As we continue to build upon and improve the skills covered in our 1 and 2 week Wilderness Horseback Guide programs, we train you for advanced wilderness guide jobs by focusing on the following areas:

  • Site selection and construction for spike camps in remote backcountry
  • Horse-care in extreme environments and conditions
  • How to prepare and continually adapt to the challenges of each unique season and habitat
  • Wildlife identification and tracking
  • Plant species identification and practical uses
  • Bushcraft and wilderness survival skills
  • Wilderness navigation by reading the land and using landmarks and blazes
  • How to plan for and lead complex wilderness experiences in increasingly remote environments
  • Advanced training for bear and cougar safety
  • How to adhere to the regulations of each specific park and territory
  • Firearm safety and use
  • Advanced management of trips and staff
  • Exposure to more of our Three Pillar philosophy to enhance your personal growth

Closer to Nature and Your Full Potential

As you grow your proficiency and knowledge during this program, the scope of wilderness guide jobs available to you expands. Upon graduation, you’ll have the experience to be a horseback guide for wildlife viewing tours, spike camping trips and other adventures that require great competency in the remote back-country allowing you to mentor guests on their own transformational journeys.


The ultimate goal of our Advanced Horseback Wilderness Mentor Guide program is to provide you with a greater understanding of the land and to bring you closer to nature. As we prepare you to lead a high level wilderness experience, you’ll naturally become more attuned to your surroundings and to the rhythms of each new environment. This high level of situational awareness in nature is pivotal to your safety and success, regardless of which wilderness guide jobs you are pursuing.


As our guide students become more attuned to nature, we’ve found that their personal development reaches new heights as well. Learning how to live close to nature and adapt to the harsh realities of the wilderness draws out confidence, determination and problem-solving skills. The high risks of the remote wilderness and the small margin for error that each horseback guide deals with further instills the ability to lead with confidence and take decisive actions, more than any theoretical leadership training ever could. And with the confidence and skills you develop during our wilderness guide training, you’ll live out the defining characteristics of true mountain guides: an enthusiasm for exploring remote backcountry, a commitment to learning from nature, and a passion for sharing the heart of the wilderness with as many people as possible.

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