National Involvement

Participation on government wilderness projects and studies

Chilcotin Holidays participated in provincial projects and studies, including the:

  • Council of Tourism Association Study
  • Wilderness Tourism Association Study
  • Guide Outfitter Study
  • Guest Ranch Study
  • Fishing Resort Study
  • Conduct of Ethics
  • Angling Guide Policies
  • Park Lodge Strategy
  • BC Resort Strategy
  • Tourism Mining Memorandum of Understanding
  • Wildlife Viewing Development Committee
  • and moreā€¦

Chilcotin Holidays is one of the founding members of the BC Wilderness Tourism Association (WTA), BC Council of Tourism Associations (COTA), and the BC Guest Ranchers Association, and is an active supporter of the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation.


Chilcotin Holidays has extensive experience representing the tourism industry on provincial initiatives for over 30 years, such as the Guide Outfitter Study, Conduct of Ethic, and Angling Guide Policies. Chilcotin Holidays sat for 8 years at the Lillooet Land and Resource Management Plan table. Chilcotin Holidays has worked closely with the provincial government including the Ministry of Parks, Forests, Lands, Environment, Fish and Wildlife on provincial initiatives related to wilderness tourism. Chilcotin Holidays helped provide direction for the BC Angling Guide Policies and regulations committee, BC Wildlife Viewing Policy and Regulation Committee, The Cariboo Chilcotin Allocation and Quota Committee and creation of The South Chilcotin Mountain Park Designation 2004/management plan 2012. In 2008 Chilcotin Holidays provided leadership in the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation and still supports their work today.

Chilcotin Holidays works closely with related tourism associations including sector, regional and provincial agencies that legislate and manage wilderness tourism operators. We have been closely associated with many of these agencies for over 30 years. The associations include the B.C Guide Outfitters Association, the Wilderness Tourism Association, the BC Guest Ranchers Association, the Thompson Guide Outfitters Association, the Council of Tourism Associations, the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association, the BC Fishing Resorts and Outfitters Association and the Vancouver Coast Mountains Tourism Association.