Our Wilderness Backcountry Camps & Huts

Our kind of BC camping is full of wilderness adventures. Join us for horseback camping trips, wilderness pack trips or by hiking and camping in true wilderness.

Where every moment is wonder-full

From a sea of stars that light up the night sky to the sound of complete silence, our wilderness campsites fill each moment with wonder and delight. The prime locations and tranquil surroundings of our established backcountry camps bring BC camping to the next level. With over 25 camps throughout our 5,000 square kilometer operating area, we can lead horseback camping trips through mountain ranges and locations that few people get to experience. As you journey from one camp to the next on our high level wilderness adventures, you’ll experience the sense of discovery and thrill of the unknown that drove early mountaineers to explore this wondrous wilderness.

Your gateway to unspoiled wilderness and backcountry solitude

With endless mountains to trek through and new discoveries at every turn, this wilderness is meant to be explored. And that’s precisely what we do in our wilderness adventures. Whether we’re hiking and camping or embarking on wilderness pack trips, our camps give us the freedom to explore this wondrous wilderness. After scouting and exploring the far reaches of our 5,000 sq km operating area, we selected the best and most beautiful settings for each of our 25 wilderness camps. As we journey from one camp to the next throughout our horseback camping trips, you’ll experience more of nature in a few days than most people experience in a lifetime. Our camps create the ultimate BC camping experience, taking you through forests of Douglas fir, over alpine tundra, and into meadows of wildflowers. Whether you are hiking and camping with us or riding through the mountains on our horseback camping trips, our strategically placed camps are what make these BC camping and remote wilderness adventures possible.

Our wilderness camps run the spectrum of BC camping styles, from basic canvas tents on raised platforms to solid mountain cabins. Regardless of what corner of the park you’re in and which camps you stay at, you’ll get to savor the solitude and refreshment of remote wilderness. The majority of our camps are placed off the beaten track. On many of our horseback camping trips and hiking and camping adventures, our fellow travel companions are the only people we see throughout our wilderness adventures.

Uninterrupted wilderness

Our wilderness camps embody the true spirit of BC camping by supporting our wilderness pack trips instead of interrupting them. We have carefully constructed each of our campsites to blend into the surrounding environment; in fact, they can very difficult to spot if you don’t know where to look. Our wilderness camps are there to support the purpose of your journey, not to be a destination in and of themselves. And while we ensure that our camps provide a comfortable, safe place for you to rest up after a day full of wilderness adventures, we continue to focus our energy on delivering authentic wilderness experiences that bring you closer to the heart of nature. Whether you’re experiencing the mountains through our wilderness pack trips or by hiking and camping, BC camping should be about the sense of discovery and thrill of the unknown. That’s when our wilderness adventures truly shine and deliver the kind of soul-stirring, life-changing experiences that you came here for.