Our Neighborhood

The Bridge River Valley is made for Canadian mountain holidays. Gold Bridge, BC and Lillooet, each a former gold rush town, provide fun additions to your trip.

Chilcotin Holidays is situated within the stunning wilderness of the Bridge River Valley, which stretches from the Bridge Glacier east to Gun Creek and north to the Chilcotin Plateau. The rich natural environments of this area have fostered small communities and mountain towns that appreciate the specialness of this place. Whether you’d like to explore the fascinating history of a gold rush town or the charming, small town feel of our local communities, there are plenty of opportunities to add a dose of local culture to your Canadian mountain holidays.

As part of their Canadian mountain holidays, our guests often enjoy stopping by some of the local towns in the Bridge River Valley. Each community is unique, with the kind of unconventional, endearing qualities that you can only find in mountain towns. Whether you visit our closest community, Gold Bridge, BC, or decide to venture just beyond the Bridge River Valley with a stop in Lillooet, each town provides an authentic, charming glimpse into real mountain living in Canada.

Gold Bridge, BC

Gold Bridge, BC provides a unique opportunity to see glimpses of the past in the midst of a growing, modern-day community. This town center for the Bridge River Valley has all of the necessities: a general store, post office, library, school, ambulance station, gas station, and tire repair. Even with its status as the hub of the Bridge River Valley, Gold Bridge, BC has not lost its small town feel. In fact, this former gold rush town has a population of just 43 people. Today, you can explore the old mines, railways, and ghost towns that mid 19th century miners left behind. As you learn about the history of Gold Bridge, BC, you can also get a glimpse of the town’s future by visiting its community garden and other sustainability projects.

Bralorne, BC

Starting in the mid 19th century, Bralorne was known as the boomtown for prospectors in the Bridge River Valley. This gold rush town supported the Bralorne-Pioneer Mine, which was the most productive gold mine in all of Canada. During the heyday of the gold rush in the Bridge River Valley, miners and their families made their home in Bralorne. And even though the Bralorne-Pioneer mine has been closed for nearly half a century, you can still see remnants of this town’s storied past, including the ghost town of Bradian. Don’t miss the Bralorne Pioneer Museum, which offers a more comprehensive lesson in the history of this gold rush town. Today, Bralorne is a small community, population 60, with a restaurant and motel and a prime spot along the infamous Hurley Road. No matter what your interests, this former gold rush town will certainly add some local flavor to your Canadian mountain holidays.

Lillooet, BC

As you travel to and from our ranch, the town of Lillooet provides a fun addition to your Canadian mountain holidays. If you’re hungry, there are restaurants and grocery stores where you can enjoy a meal or grab snack before you hit the road. For those who are interested in more than just passing through, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about Lillooet’s fascinating history. Thanks to the gold rush in the Bridge River Valley, Lillooet was among the largest centres in North America in 1860. And, Lillooet was the starting point (“Mile 0”) of the famed 1860s Cariboo Wagon Road. Both the Lillooet Museum and the Miyazaki Heritage House provide visitors with intriguing insights into the history of Lillooet. Main Street, with it’s unique boutique shops, thrift stores, and outdoor gear retailers, provides a great place to discover the present day story of this town.