Who We Are

About Chilcotin Holidays

Chilcotin Holidays is located in some of the most stunning wilderness in all of Canada. Towering mountains, ancient forests, and sparkling lakes certainly make this a wondrous setting. For us, though, this wilderness is more than a place- it’s the force that has shaped our identity. These endless mountain ranges and boundless skies inspire us to aim higher and go further. The unflinching expression of the laws of nature in every aspect of the wilderness challenges us to live out our own values with greater clarity and commitment. The majesty of the wilderness we’ve seen, along the places we’ve yet to explore and discover, compel us to protect these wild, pristine habitats.

At Chilcotin Holidays, we value
  • Long-term stewardship of the land over short-sighted goals
  • Learning, growth, and personal development over perfection
  • Authentic, life-changing wilderness experiences over common, predictable tours

As we strive to live out these core values in every facet of our company, we also draw upon some basic tenets, which have been inspired by and proven in true wilderness.

Nature is meant to be experienced, not viewed from a distance

To really understand and connect with nature, you can’t view it from afar or keep it at arm’s length. You have to be part of it. That’s why invite our guests to participate throughout every step of their wilderness experience. We believe that this kind of active, engaged approach is what ultimately brings you closer to the very heart of nature.

To dilute nature is to diminish it

We believe the true majesty of the wilderness is not found in the isolation of its qualities but in the fullness of its identity. That’s why we focus creating authentic wilderness experiences that deliver real nature in real ways. We do this by removing barriers between you and nature, and refusing to diminish the things that make the wilderness truly wild. That means there will be dirt and unpredictable conditions. And while these qualities of nature require greater effort and character than the scenic mountaintop views, we wouldn’t dare remove these traits. We have too much respect for the wilderness and the change it inspires to erase even the smallest detail.

A definite purpose and established values are the best motivators

In nature, every action and detail has a definite purpose behind it. We believe that purposeful, values-based decisions lead to better outcomes and better lives. That’s why we carry this principle through every facet of our company. From the challenges we leave in place to build confidence and self-reliance in our guide school students to the strict precautions we take to ensure safety in the midst of unpredictable conditions, every action we take has a definite purpose. This values-based approach is also what drives our overarching purpose of sharing real wilderness in authentic, life-changing ways.

Mutually beneficial partnerships should be the rule, not the exception

Symbiosis is everywhere in nature. In fact, these mutually beneficial relationships are what allow life to thrive in the wilderness. We’ve set up Chilcotin Holidays to operate by the same principle. From our guide training programs that educate and prepare our future wilderness guides to our horse pack trips that allow us to collect grizzly hair samples for scientific studies, each of our activities benefits our endeavors in other arenas. And while this approach takes greater effort and planning, we certainly value the team atmosphere and win-win scenarios that it creates at our ranch.

Just like a picture can never fully capture the majesty of nature’s landscapes, words cannot fully encompass who we are. So, we invite you to join us and experience first-hand the wilderness that has shaped and defined who we are.