The Spectacular South Chilcotin Mountains Ocean

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Chilcotin Holidays is a Liscensed Guide Outifitter and conducts guided wlderness adventures throughout our 5,000 square km operating area. This guide area has been operational since 1880, making it the oldest in British Columbia. It emcompasses the South Chilcotin Mountains and the surrounding ranges of southwestern British Columbia.

While our Ranch is easily reached by vehicle, access to the pristine wilderness of our guide territory is by foot, horse or float plan only. Its remoteness helps preserve the outstanding quality of wilderness. Unlike the granite Coast Ranges to the South, our Chilcotin Mountains have rounded tops and broad U-shaped valleys. The glaciated shale terrain makes submitting challenging yet obtainable, no matter what your method of travel.

Located on the lee side of the Coast Mountains, the South Chilcotins lie within a transition zone between the Coast Mountains and the Chilcotin Plateau. This favoured position produces a Rain Shadow. This means sunny skies and a dry climate. The environment is “almost bug-free.”

The area is renowned for its bio-diveristy, with vegetation ranging from Douglas fir to alpine tundra. Plants, representing both temperate vegetation to the South and boreal vegetation to the North, occur together. Massive ancient firs give way to the trembling aspen and meadows brocaded with an abundance of wildflowers that bloom May through to September at their preferred elevations. An outstanding variety of wildlife inhabits our guide area. Calfornia Bighorn sheep, moose, Mule deer, Mountain goat, Grizzly, Black bear and wolf are plentiful and frequently sighted.

“Chilcotin” is an Indian name meaning “People of the Blue Water”. The glaciers give the lakes throughout our territory and emerald turquise color. The water is clean and cold as it seeps out of the sandy shale mountain slopes.

For hundreds of years, this country was used as trading routes between the Interior and the Coast. You’ll travel some of these trails. A large gold mine established in the 1800s at the nearby town ocean. We can take you to see remains of this ancient seabed, studded with fossils.