The integration and opportunities in the Chilcotin Holidays

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The integration and the opportunities in the Chilcotin HolidaysWhy I came to Chilcotin ranch, and why people who want to grow-up should come. Also, the description of how I felt my integration and adaptation in the Ranch. Finally a part of the opportunities offered by the Ranch’s Adventure.

I was lost in my mind, as it always happens, like a kid who is dreaming, thinking about my current life, my desires, my troubles, and my future. As usual, I was wondering about all the things which could change my life, and change me along way. I was thinking that all these things could never be reached in my life, because I hadn’t the opportunities to reach them.

That was at this very moment I changed my mind and realized that the problem wasn’t the opportunity but me. I had to give me the chance to change, to discover the world and to grow-up.

Then I found the Ranch opportunity, and I gave myself the chance to come and join this adventure, I had no excuses, and I had to come, to see and enjoy, the real life.

Now, I am here, at the Chilcotin Holidays Ranch, to live this adventure for several months. On my arriving, I was really tired due to the jet lag and also my last night in which I didn’t sleep as I was so excited. However, I was really enthusiastic to begin this adventure. When I get out from the shuttle bus, the Ranch was already in activity, but, the guides and the staff of the Ranch came to greet me. Rapidly, I had to get involved in the Ranch life. Indeed, it is crucial to know how the Ranch works, therefore, in the first days, I worked in every fields and learnt a lot. This management of the staff has allowed me to be integrated in a record time. Because I was working with everyone, while changing every day of work field.

On one side, it was exciting to discover and see the more things I can in a short time. Moreover, I had a lot to do, here, at the Ranch, there is no real time of theoretical learning, you learn by doing the duty. On the other side, everyone was really nice and helpful with me, because that’s the spirit of the Ranch. Thanks to that, I wasn’t lost even if I was moving forward by myself. I think that this kind of management is really good to improve the flexibility and the adaptation capacity of the interns during their integration. Also, as all the staff is generally eating together, the integration to the team is really easy.

Finally, I would say that in the Ranch’s Adventure, the main thing to have in mind is that you have to take initiative. Everyone is here for you, but you are improving yourself by your acts and your attempts. The ranch offers the opportunity to learn about a lot of field and to develop many personal capacities. That’s why you must try first by your own way, and after ask for help if you really need it. This way of working allows you to grow-up faster and faster, because you will find your own way to do the duty, and to do it well. Although you will probably encounter failures, these latter are just springboard which get you on the way of the success. In spite of all of this, you will rapidly learn that here; “we don’t try, we just do it !”


Jean, France