Statistics on our Chilcotin Mountain Cayuse Horses

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Statistics on our Chilcotin Mountain Cayuse HorsesOur horses are sure-footed Mountain Cayuse horses from the Caribou-Chilcotin, where wild herds still roam. They are accustomed to the mountain terrain and wildlife. All of them started their careers by packing. The guides ride them first, so they are tried and tested, and know how they perform in any situation. Once all the “kinks” were worked out, they were ready for guests.

For 6 months in the high season, each horse is capable of working the majority of the season. They can cover 30miles per day. This can add-up to almost 3,000 miles in a season! Some of our horses have been at the Ranch for 20 years and can carry riders into the mountains into their 30’s. For these horses, the total mileage put on in our territory can reach between 45,000 to 60,000 miles. These are seasoned mountain horses

During trips that involve a lot of riding, these Cayuse horses can go up, over and down up to 24,000 vertical feet in a day – a Cayuse horse is tough.

These Cayuse horses are hardy and are bred to withstand anything that the region has to offer: harsh winters, heavy snow, difficult mountain passes and wildlife. In the winter, the wild herds are accustomed to feeding in swamp meadows where the snow bends the grass into mats 4 to 6 inches. They feed on whatever is available, including alpine grasses, pine grass and willows. Canadian thistles are favorites.

The same horse that is matched with a novice rider or child can be matched with an experienced rider, and the horse will perform to the rider’s abilities. When they are not being rode, they can be packed to transport supplies or used in harness to skid firewood. Whether you are novice or intermediate, or whether you ride close to the Ranch or on the mountain sheep trails at 9,000 feet, your safety ultimately comes from your Mountain Cayus Horse.