Not your average internship

Ready to do more, experience more, and be more?

Our unique approach and emphasis on personal development will push you out of your comfort zone physically, mentally and emotionally.

An internship with Chilcotin Holidays is a stepping stone to new possibilities in your studies, your career, and your life. For over two decades, we have built and refined our internship program to produce capable, confident leaders who have the skills and boldness to pursue their goals in life. The diversity of activities and departments at our wilderness guest ranch provides new opportunities and challenges every day. As you apply yourself and make the most of this rich training ground, you’ll likely discover new interests, buried strengths, and an exciting outlook on life.

Not your average internship

At Chilcotin Holidays, we believe an internship should be more than just a line item on your resume- it should be a life-changing experience that profoundly expands your vision of who you can be and what you can accomplish. In all of our ranch internships, we challenge our interns to clearly identify and continuously reevaluate their interests, goals, and purpose. So while you’ll certainly gain valuable work experience through this internship, we believe that you’ll also benefit immensely from the leadership training and personal development that our ranch internships facilitate.

Opportunities that take their cue from nature

Our internship program takes place at our all-season guest ranch in the remote mountains of British Columbia. The wilderness surrounding our ranch is incredibly diverse. From towering mountain ranges and ancient forests to sweeping valleys and turquoise lakes, there is always more to explore in our pristine wilderness. We emulate the natural diversity around us in the variety of programs and activities available through our internship program. Each internship allows you to study and explore the following fields:

  • Natural Resources Management
  • Business Administration and Management
    • Office Administration
    • Accounts and Reservations
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Office Management
  • Hospitality Services
  • Kitchen Department
  • Ranch Logistics
    • Ranch Hand
    • Ranch Assistant
    • Ranch Management

With so many opportunities, it is imperative that you remain focused throughout your internship. Our internship program utilizes a structure and set of guidelines that will facilitate your personal development and commitment to your specific interests, goals, and purpose. As such, be prepared for senior staff to encourage you and challenge you to maintain your focus and clarify your goals for your internship.

Leadership training inspired by nature

Leadership training is also integral to our ranch internships. Regardless of which department or departments you train in, we provide learning opportunities and real-world experience that demand a great degree of personal accountability and responsibility. And while leadership training certainly adds a valuable dimension to each internship, we don’t focus on leadership training merely for its educational value. We do so out of necessity. The wilderness that we live and work in is powerful and unpredictable, which affords us a very narrow margin for error. We require every member of our team, from permanent staff to university interns, to employ the sound-judgement and reliability of a true leader at all times. And while this requires greater effort on our part and on yours, the leadership training this environment demands will become a beneficial driving force for everything you do in life.

So, are you ready to step beyond your comfort zone and discover what you’re really capable of? Contact us today to learn more about our current internship and training opportunities.

Internship Benefits:

  • Can be used to meet University requirements
  • Live and learn in an environment that facilitates constant opportunities for real-world training and personal development
  • We encourage, and even require, that you invest in yourself by taking on new challenges and responsibilities throughout your internship
  • Build your leadership abilities and develop self-confidence
  • Discover new interests and identify your goals in this diverse environment
  • Experience pristine wilderness in the remote mountains of British Columbia
Wilderness Lifestyle Experience

If you are looking for a true wilderness experience and wish to gain experience in a challenging setting, I believe you have knocked on the right door.

There is our Wilderness lifestyle and ranch skills experience package, whereby you come for up to 6 month and get involved with ranch training and daily life. You do not require a work visa for this as it is a ranch stay training experience. Your meals and accommodation are included.


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