English as a Second Language

Where ESL becomes more than a class

During our ESL program, you’ll experience the majesty of true wilderness as our ESL curriculum builds your proficiency in the English language. Whether you need to satisfy university requirements or desire to gain a greater competitive edge in the professional world, our ESL program will provide you with a solid foundation in this globally relevant language. Through continuous conversational practice and engaging outdoor ESL activities, you’ll gain the confidence you need to effectively use your English skills in daily life.

Our ESL program is as unique as the wilderness that surrounds our ranch. In our proven approach to ESL, we utilize real-world, conversational practice to dramatically build your proficiency in the English language. The ESL vocabulary and grammar lessons we incorporate into our ESL curriculum provide foundational knowledge to support your fluency in conversational settings.

Our ESL program has specific ESL curriculum for beginner, intermediate, and advanced English speakers. As you continue to practice and build upon your current abilities in ESL, your certified teacher will evaluate your progress and work with you to improve any weak skills. After each lesson, you will have the opportunity to apply newly acquired ESL vocabulary and skills as you converse with classmates, guests, and staff at the ranch. Through our ESL activities and opportunities for experiential learning, you can accelerate the advancement of your English skills. Participation in these activities leads to such dramatic ESL improvement because it challenges you to follow complex instructions and describe novel situations. For instance, learning how to saddle a horse requires a new set of ESL vocabulary, comprehension of complex sentence structure, and a thorough understanding of what each phrase actually means. Because our ESL program is located in an all-season wilderness guest ranch, there are endless opportunities to participate in new activities and hone your English skills.

Where the wilderness and the world are right at your doorstep

Our guest ranch in the remote mountains of British Columbia attracts visitors from around the world. This provides our ESL students with a unique opportunity to interact with people from diverse cultures and improve their interpersonal skills in an international context. Throughout their ESL experience, our students often build friendships with people from many different countries.

As you study ESL, you’ll have the added bonus of learning in Canada’s inspiring and majestic wilderness. Our all-season guest ranch is situated in the midst of towering mountain ranges, pristine jewel-toned lakes, and thriving forests. Throughout our ESL program, there’s the opportunity to explore the surrounding wilderness through outdoor ESL activities. As you join us for hikes along rugged mountain trails or horseback ride to stunning lookout points, the sense of discovery and confidence that nature inspires will likely begin to impact your outlook on life and approach to ESL. We’ve found that the confidence our students gain as they partake in ESL activities and explore the wilderness around them directly impacts their progress in ESL. Shy, timid students transform into bold English-speakers who eagerly use every opportunity to try out new ESL vocabulary. A genuine enthusiasm for linguistic knowledge replaces students’ previous fears of making mistakes. So while we certainly focus on the quality of the ESL curriculum, our ESL program also makes the most of the confidence-inspiring wilderness that surrounds our ranch.

Included Activities

Your ESL program package includes the following activities:

  • Wilderness Activities:
    • Wildlife viewing around the ranch
    • Bear safety orientation
    • Hiking with a ranch buddy or classmate
    • Camp use for hiking and fishing
    • Snowshoeing (in winter)
    • Stargazing
  • Western Ranch Activities:
    • Lasso lessons
    • One 3 hour horse riding orientation (typically completed on Day 1)
    • Feeding chickens
    • Feeding horses
    • Irrigating pastures
    • Gold panning
    • Guided trail riding
  • Sports:
    • Swimming
    • Baseball
    • Soccer
    • Badminton
    • Volleyball
  • Social Activities:
    • Movie night
    • Roast marshmallows around the bonfire
    • Board games and card games with your new ranch friends
    • Berry picking (in autumn)
    • Horseshoe toss
    • Bingo night
    • BBQ and campfire fun
    • Slip‘n’Slide (in summer)

Add-on Activities

Add-on activities, which are available for an additional fee, include:

  • Guided wildlife viewing, on horseback or by truck
  • Exploration of a grizzly bear den
  • Guided interpretive trail ride
  • Grizzly viewing expedition
  • Horsemanship Adventures
    • Mountain Day Ride (lunch included)
    • Guided trail riding
    • Riding lessons
    • Bareback riding
    • Horseback competitions
    • Long reining lessons
  • Cowboy and Wrangler Skills
    • Horse logging
    • Horse shoeing
    • Horse packing
    • Chopping firewood
    • Off-road driving
    • Trailer hauling
    • Operating a logging skidder
    • Driving a backhoe
  • Angling Adventures
    • Guided fishing with equipment
    • Ice fishing
    • Fly fishing
    • Fly tying
  • Winter Activities
    • Wolf calling
    • Eagle viewing
    • Cross country skiing
    • Snowmobiling
    • Horse-drawn sleigh ride
    • Mountain Lion/Puma/Cougar viewing
  • Ranch Pastimes and Local Exploration
    • Truck tours of local towns, including a visit to the Bralorne Museum
    • Guided day hike along mountain trails (lunch included)
    • Guided half-day hike along mountain trails (lunch included)
    • Archery
    • Target shooting
    • Guided mountain biking
    • Gold mine shaft exploration
  • Multi-Sport Activities
    • Horse competitions: pole bending, barrel racing, scurry pole obstacle course
    • Lumberjack sports: pole climbing, axe throwing, log rolling, log sawing

**Please Note: Our programs are subject to the unpredictable weather and conditions that come with a mountainous environment. And while we do our best to stick to the itinerary, there are times when the current conditions and needs of the ranch require us to adjust or reschedule daily routines, planned activities, etc.


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