Survival Training: The Basics

Prepare for the unexpected

Wilderness survival is about more than brute strength or years of outdoor survival training

When the worst case scenario becomes your reality, do you know how to survive? In Survival Training-The Basics, we’ll train you in the specific techniques and unique mind-set that will empower you to make it through unexpected, emergency situations in the wilderness. Throughout this outdoor survival training, you’ll gain hands-on experience in vital survival skills as we coach you in prioritizing tasks and working quickly and effectively. With a strong focus on the essentials, like building fire, constructing shelter, obtaining water, and navigating new terrain, you’ll walk away with the survival skills and greater confidence that are vital to any wilderness survival scenario.

Prepare for the unexpected

The wild, unpredictable ways of nature that inspire us and draw us to explore the wilderness are the very same traits that can turn a simple hike through the woods into a wilderness survival experience. In Survival Training-The Basics, we train you in vital survival skills that will dramatically improve your ability to cope with unexpected, dangerous situations in the wild.

In four days, our outdoor survival training covers the following survival skills:

  • Building shelters (for single or multiple persons) in all seasons, with or without tools
  • Obtaining water in diverse environments and making it safe to drink
  • 10 methods for building and lighting a fire, in any type of weather
  • Finding and preparing wild edible plants
  • Building a highly visible signal fire
  • Trapping game for survival situations
  • Navigating with a map and compass
  • Using the sun, stars, moon, weather patterns, animal behavior, trees, and bodies of water to find your way in the wilderness

With these essential survival skills, you’ll be ready to handle nearly any wilderness survival situation. We conduct Survival Training-The Basics in the pristine, remote wilderness of the South Chilcotin Mountains. The rugged, diverse terrain of this location adds another dimension to our outdoor survival training. Instead of practicing what you learn in an artificial environment, you get to apply your survival skills in a real-world wilderness setting. This kind of survival training provides the confidence and hands-on experience that dramatically improve the outcome in wilderness survival.

It’s all in the mind

Wilderness survival is about more than brute strength or years of outdoor survival training. Your ability to maintain a positive, determined attitude and consistent level of morale is vital in any survival situation. That’s why we weave the mental component of wilderness survival into every aspect of your survival training. From survival psychology to hazard assessment, our outdoor survival training provides you with a solid foundation of mental survival skills. In the course of our survival training we also cover how to plan for survival situations, so you can lay the foundation for effective responses before you find yourself in a worst case scenario.


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