Survival Training-Advanced Skills

Using real challenges to hone your survival skills

Do you have what it takes to survive in the wild?

In this ultimate survival training, you’ll live out wilderness survival situations in the remote mountains of British Columbia. Your basic survival skills will be put to the test throughout the course, as your instructor uses real-world challenges to assess your baseline abilities and works with you to build your proficiency in vital wilderness survival skills. Our advanced outdoor survival training focuses heavily upon the mental aspect of wilderness survival and gives you the rare opportunity to find out what you’re made of.

Using real challenges to hone your survival skills

Survival Training-Advanced Skills is the real deal. In this outdoor survival training, you will be tested mentally, physically, and emotionally. And while we maintain a high level of safety and supervision throughout the course, we do not shield you from the real challenges of wilderness survival. Every one of your basic survival skills will be put to the test. As we gauge your baseline abilities, through survival situations and simulated stress scenarios, your instructor will work with you to bring your wilderness survival skills to the next level.

In Survival Training-Advanced Skills, we’ve built many challenges and learning opportunities into the course. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll experience:

  • Practicing and perfecting advanced fire-starting skills, especially in adverse weather conditions
  • Procuring your own food in the wild, through foraging and trapping, for at least 2 days of the course
  • Testing your wilderness survival skills,especially under simulated stress, that gives a more accurate assessment of your abilities
  • Targeted survival training and coaching that will build up and strengthen your weaker survival skills

* While we allow each wilderness survival situation to be as real as possible, your instructor will constantly be monitoring the safety and welfare of individuals and the group as a whole. Assistance will be provided when necessary.

Find out what you’re made of before your life depends on it

Why create such a demanding format for outdoor survival training? Why not make it a stress-free experience? While creating a course that excludes real wilderness and real survival situations would be whole lot easier, it would rob you of the ultimate purpose behind survival training: building your survival skills and mental toughness so you can survive the unexpected and make it out alive. That’s why we provide a safe, albeit challenging, class format that requires you to apply your wilderness survival skills in the midst of unpredictable, real wilderness. Throughout this outdoor survival training, you’ll have to push past your comfort zone and tap into reserves of inner strength that you’ve never used before. The mental toughness and extreme confidence that you develop through this real-world survival training are well worth every ounce of effort you invest. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to effectively use your wilderness survival skills in harsh environments and under stressful circumstances. And that’s the crux of our advanced survival training - empowering you to apply your survival skills when your life depends on it.


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