Extreme Survival Course

Survival Skills: To The Extreme

The Extreme Survival Course puts your survival skills to the test through real wilderness survival challenges. Come and find out what you’re really made of.

Some people have to push. Further. Faster. Higher. Harder. Some people need to test themselves, stand up against whatever challenges mother nature has to offer. We understand... because we are among those people.

The Extreme Survival Course is an opportunity for you to come and put yourself to the ultimate test in some of the most beautiful and challenging scenery imaginable. Designed with the most adventurous, advanced wilderness survival students in mind, the Extreme Survival Course is a custom event, involving you in every step of the planning process.

Commencing at our base camp in the South Chilcotin Mountains, we head out on a multi-day wilderness survival excursion, traversing the rugged and beautiful mountain country, from valley bottom to barren peak.

We aren’t here to focus on learning new survival skills or theories - we’re here to put our skills to the test, to live it for real. For the Extreme Survival Course, your survival skills and knowledge have to already be of the highest caliber.

Extreme mountain weather, steep and unforgiving terrain, grizzly bears, wolves, mountain lions, adapting to constant challenges that test your ingenuity and your ability to think outside the box, finding solutions, travelling light and fast…. this will be your reality.

Living off the land and spending nights surviving in primitive survival shelters are part of this wilderness survival experience.

This survival course will not only test every aspect of your survival skills, it will test who you are, what you’re made of, and what you’ve got inside.

Courses are operated twice a year upon request. The Extreme Survival Course duration is 5-10 days.


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