Living Off the Land

The nomadic way

In this advanced wilderness training, our bushcraft instructors provide comprehensive training in bushcraft camping and bushcraft skills.

Our Primitive Living Skills Courses are designed to take your bushcraft skills to the highest level. Designed with experienced bushcrafters in mind, this wilderness training course will fully develop your skills and free you completely from dependence on equipment. Upon completion, you will really be able to survive, for months at a time, with just a knife.

Our Bushcraft Canada instructors will work with you and teach you how to thrive in any environment, relying only on your knowledge of nature and a few simple tools. Throughout your wilderness training, you’ll have an incredible bushcraft camping experience here in the beautiful Chilcotin Mountains.

By travelling and bushcraft camping through the mountains, you get to experience a nomadic lifestyle similar to that of the Native Peoples of this area. You will spend the majority of your time in the backcountry of the Chilcotin Mountains, gaining a working knowledge of the environment and practicing and developing advanced bushcraft skills. As you travel between high alpine meadows and pristine forests, your Bushcraft Canada guides will pass on the knowledge that a lifetime of studying bushcraft has given them. Building on the bushcraft skills and bushcraft camping taught in the Basic and Advanced courses, we learn new ways to forage for food, navigate in the wilderness, fish and trap, utilize medicinal plants, and cook in the bush.

This wilderness training course allows you to practice your bushcraft skills, living off the land for real as the mountain men, trappers, and Native Peoples of old did.

In addition to using and developing the bushcraft skills taught in our Basic and Advanced courses, we also cover new skills:

  • Advanced medicinals
  • Advanced Solar Navigation
  • Advanced Astral Navigation
  • Mastering Friction Fire
  • Large Scale Fire Carving
  • Primitive Bow Making
  • Advanced Tracking


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