Bushcraft Canada: The Basics

Where nature fuels the journey

You’ll learn bushcraft skills that empower you to see the wilderness with new eyes.

Get ready to become one with nature. In Bushcraft Canada:The Basics, you’ll learn bushcraft skills that empower you to see the wilderness with new eyes. As you discover how to use the bountiful resources that nature provides, everything around you becomes a useful, life-giving material. Throughout this wilderness course, you’ll train in the pristine wilderness and stunning mountains of British Columbia. Learn valuable skills and take on new challenges, like identifying medicinal plant species and building a bushcraft shelter. After completing Bushcraft Canada:The Basics, you’ll be armed with the bushcraft skills and working knowledge to experience nature in a more authentic way, along with the confidence to embark on your own wilderness adventures.

Where nature fuels the journey

Throughout Bushcraft Canada: The Basics, you’ll learn essential bushcraft skills that will bring you back to nature. This wilderness course trains you to work with nature instead of against it, allowing you to journey through new environments with a greater degree of confidence and comfort. As your experienced instructor teaches you vital bushcraft skills through demonstrations, hands-on training, and real-life scenarios, you’ll hone your skills to a degree that far surpasses the superficial knowledge of most bushcraft courses. By immersing you in a wilderness setting as you learn, our wilderness course provides a deeper level of training that allows you to fully appreciate and utilize the rich resources nature provides.

Bushcraft Skills covered in Bushcraft Canada: The Basics:

  • Navigation in the wilderness
  • Procuring food in remote wilderness
  • Construction of a bushcraft shelter
  • Essential bushcraft skills: Making cordage (natural twine), using fire to carve wood, cooking in the wild with stone boiling and rock ovens
  • Fire-building techniques, including construction of your own bow-drill fire starting set
  • Tracking and trapping game
  • Identification of plant species
  • Utilizing beneficial properties of plants and trees
  • Safe and effective knife and axe use
  • Wildlife behavior
  • Other useful tips and tricks, like how to improve night vision
The confidence to embark on your own adventures

Like our other bushcraft courses, Bushcraft Canada: The Basics is set in the beautiful, challenging, and rugged terrain of the South Chilcotin Mountains in British Columbia. This majestic setting alone provides enough inspiration to expand your vision and horizons in life. In this wilderness course, however, we incorporate new challenges for you to tackle each and every day. The bushcraft skills that you learn and master throughout the course are a means of building greater confidence as you become more accustomed to operating outside of your comfort zone. This unique combination of inspiring wilderness and thrilling challenges impacts your outlook in a way that few other experiences can. We appreciate the special opportunity here, so we craft all of our bushcraft courses to be nature-focused and challenge-rich. That way, you’ll leave with the competence and confidence to embark on your own life-changing wilderness adventures.

  • Learn to live off the land with fundamental bushcraft skills, like building fires and constructing shelters
  • Awaken a greater sense of confidence as you tackle each new challenge
  • Step out of your daily routine and into the awe-inspiring beauty of true wilderness
  • Draw upon natural cues, like the sun, stars, and trees, to navigate unfamiliar terrain
  • Emerge from your bushcraft experience with a new skillset and mindset that will empower you to thrive in the wilderness and in life

Day 1
  • Arrival and welcome lunch at the ranch
  • Orientation highlighting the territory, local wildlife, and trails
  • Head out to the bushcraft campsite
  • Instruction: Shelter construction, location selection, and building techniques for a tarp shelter
  • Build a shelter with your new teammates
  • Lunch at our central bushcraft campsite
  • Instruction: Flame and fire building techniques and identification of wild edibles
  • Gather firewood and prepare a meal in a rock oven
  • Dinner
  • Work in teams to build a one-match fire
  • Instruction: Water purification
  • Return to team shelters and conduct nightly routines
Day 2
  • Breakfast routine
  • Bake bush bread
  • Instruction: Construction of shelters solely from natural materials and navigation and mapping techniques
  • Construct a natural shelter and map your surrounding area
  • Lunch
  • Instruction: Psychology of bushcraft
  • Critique and improve natural shelters
  • Wild edibles walk
  • Instruction: Selection and preparation of a wild edibles
  • Preparation of wild edibles dinner
  • Instruction: Tool making and fire carving
  • Assess fire lighting skills
  • Return to team shelters and conduct nightly routines
Day 3
  • Breakfast routine
  • Instruction: How to create natural cordage
  • Collect firewood and locate materials for a natural water filter
  • Lunch
  • Instruction: Identification and usage of medicinals in nature
  • Assemble natural water filters
  • Purify water using filter and stone boiling techniques
  • Gather medicinals with your instructor
  • Resource gathering walk
  • Reinforce shelters and collect firewood
  • Dinner preparation using wild edibles
  • Fire carving project
  • Return to team shelters and conduct nightly routine
Day 4
  • Breakfast routine
  • Use your new skills to purify water and brew dandelion coffee
  • Break down team shelters and tidy campsite
  • Return to the ranch and pack for departure

Please Note: Our courses are subject to the unpredictable weather and terrain conditions that come with a mountainous environment. And while we do our best to stick to the itinerary, there are times when the current conditions and needs of the group require us to adjust schedules, campsites, etc. This is part of any true wilderness experience, however, and we are well equipped to adapt the adventure to changing conditions.


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