Bushcraft Canada-Advanced Skills

Where nature calls the shots

Bushcraft skills that are non-negotiable requirements for longer wilderness expeditions

Ready to take your wilderness skills to the next level? In Bushcraft Canada-Advanced Skills, you’ll spend three nights in the mountains of British Columbia building upon and honing your bushcraft skills. Our bushcraft instructor will help identify any weak-links in your current skill set that could make you vulnerable in the wilderness. This opportunity to discover your strengths and weaknesses in a challenging, yet safe environment, will be invaluable to all of your future wilderness adventures. The intensity of this bushcraft training requires more fortitude and morale than our other bushcraft courses. With each obstacle you overcome, however, we believe you’ll discover that you’re stronger and tougher than you ever imagined.

Build your skills

Bushcraft Canada-Advanced Skills tests your mettle and provides countless hands-on training opportunities in a challenging, mountainous environment. Throughout this course, your experienced instructor will train you in the kind of advanced bushcraft skills that are non-negotiable requirements for longer wilderness expeditions.

Bushcraft Canada-Advanced Skills provides bushcraft training in the following areas:

  • Construction of advanced bushcraft shelters for longer wilderness stays
  • Identification of wild edibles, with greater incorporation into your daily diet than in our other bushcraft courses
  • Advanced crafting techniques for wilderness essentials: cordage (natural twine), basket, bow-drill fire set
  • Increased knowledge of and familiarity with medicinal plants
  • Crafting of wilderness tools and structures
  • And additional advanced bushcraft skills that address changing wilderness conditions throughout the course
Where nature calls the shots

Even with a solid foundation of bushcraft skills, it’s vital that you develop the mental flexibility to adapt to a constantly changing environment. Bushcraft Canada-Advanced Skills provides this next level of bushcraft training. Unlike other bushcraft courses, we allow nature to dictate part of the curriculum. The unpredictable wilderness conditions make every class unique, but they never fail to provide prime learning opportunities. And while this approach to bushcraft training can be incredibly challenging, you’ll be rewarded with a heightened awareness of your surroundings and rapid advancement of your bushcraft skills.

As you experience new challenges and scenarios every day in this Bushcraft Canada course, you’ll also have the unique opportunity to define your own way of working with nature. Using the skills you’ve developed throughout each stage of your bushcraft training, you can begin to make slight adjustments that make the most of your unique strengths and style. Upon completion of Bushcraft Canada-Advanced Skills, you’ll have the capacity and confidence to effectively use advanced bushcraft skills, in your own unique way, as you explore authentic wilderness.


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