Our day-to-day problems just melted away

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Our-day-today-problems-just-melted-awayIf you want to break away from dreary office life, or whatever you do for most of the year, riding in the Chilcotin mountains is the answer. Riding reliable;e trusty steeds through unspoiled country, observing nature with mountain tops stretching out for ever and complete peace. All our day-to-day problems just melted away.

Our group of five was led by two experienced guides. George was in charge of the food (delicious). As long as you don’t mind sleeping in a tent and not showering for a day or two, this is luxury. A “Mash” type shower had been erected in the camp at Spruce Lake and was never more appreciated than after two days riding. The food was prepared and cooked by Ron, and George even had the horses saddled up and waiting for us in the mornings. Most of the time we were on a trail, but on one or two occasions we appeared to be on a virgin ground which was quite tough going. -bushwhacking through thick undergrowth and forest. Exciting stuff! The actual riding is relatively easy, not wild galloping. However, the terrain is not. We had our hearts in our mouths more than once while making very steep accents and descents, but the horses never balked. We had a good “Crack” round the camp fire in the evenings and mostly hit the hay early as we were tired out from all the fresh air and the previously unused muscles making themselves known. The food was always excellent and the meals well thought out- top marks to the organizers.

Many thanks to the Chilcotin Holidays, my mount Alibi,(my best one yet!) George ‘Mountain man’ for looking after us and our mounts, to Ron for great food and entertainment with his willful pack-horses, to Jim for escorting me back and getting me there after 10 hours in the saddle in one piece(albeit an aching piece!) and last but not least to Kevan for making it all possible.

Kiki Switzerland.