My very first fishing day

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It-was-a-dark-and-stormy-nightAs there was the new fishing guide in the Ranch, I just jumped on this opportunity. I had never tried to fish or even tried to learn about fishing. Nevertheless, this is not the same here ; fishing around the Ranch in the Chilcotin Mountains is different fron fishing in Europe. There are a lot of things to discover and to learn here. So I asked Cameron, the new guide, if one day he could come with me and discover all of that. Despite my total lack of knowledge about fishing, he agreed and brought me to his favorite and fabulous lake.

On the road, I discovered and enjoyed a lot of things, such as mountains, rivers, animals and lakes. When we arrived at the place, I quickly learnt how to prepare all the stuff for fishing. During the day, thanks to Cameron, I learned how to find the place where the fish are, and also how to find them quickly ! I also saw some eagles that kept watching us while we were fishing. Maybe they wanted some of our fish, and they surely weren’t understanding why we were releasing them afterwards.

Just after that, I saw again the bear and her 3 cubs that I saw 2 days before. They were swimming in the same lake with us. I just went for fishing and I enjoyed beautiful eagles at the top of a tree at 50 meters of me and 4 bears at 200 meters. Can you imagine that ? The ranch offers you a lot of opportunities, and the nature too. This fishing day was so great. I learnt and discovered so many things.

Moreover, the fly fishing was really fun. I learnt how to cast on my own. And on the top of that, I caught a big and wonderful fish. After some photos, I just released him and continued to enjoy my fishing day. This day will remain as a huge day of discovery and learning.

Everything was so cool, thanks to the ranch, thanks to Cameron.

– Jean, France