Life is a Journey

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Life is a Journey -Darcy's storyMy name is Darcy and this is part of my journey! I came across the ranch either by coincidence or divine intervention!

My life has been very upside down for the last couple years. Trying to hold to what I thought was most important things together; house, car, business, relationships… It just seemed like the harder I hung on, the more things slipped away.

Back at the end of May, my last hope was crushed.

My job ended in North Vancouver and I was at a crossroad in life once again. I thought just the same as
many times in the past that I should start looking for another. Then I thought: “You are at a place now in your life where you can afford to do something for a period of time for yourself.” So I googled up horse jobs and Chilcotin Holidays came up. I phoned them up and came down the next day for an interview. And I was offered a chance.

The next two weeks I spent trying to survive, trying to prove my worth, working toward employee of the month.

I am an old dog and fairly thick headed.
About the third week I found myself opening up a little more to my surrounding and I started to understand the ideal & concepts that are at the ranch’s foundation.

Concepts like proactivity, responsibility, self-awareness and teamwork (which every large cooperation preaches). I have been in the industry for over 30 years and I have not witnessed an example of true teamwork until the last month at the ranch.
It was not until the fourth week that I have tried to start implementing what I have learned so far and am still learning.

That proactivity is not an action, it is a mindset and out of that flows action; self awareness, purpuse and resolve.

The ranch atmosphere and natural setting inspires the opportunity to grow and to be.

I am looking forward to the coming weeks for my own personal development, as well as working with the other team members.

Just the beginning. 🙂

Darcyk, Canada