It’s a Bear-y Good Day to View the Bears

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It’s a Bear-y Good Day to View the BearsVery few places on earth are unclaimed by human interactions. The biodiversity of Earth’s natural housing, is not just for humans, but for our majestic wildlife, trees, plants, insects, fish, birds, these wildernesses areas hold different purposes for every living thing. British Columbia’s wilderness spans larger than the continent of Japan; it’s filled with beautiful lakes and sky-high mountains, rugged coastlines, thick rainforests, desserts, wetlands, and valleys carved from ice and water, the diversity of this province is incredible and the history rich.

These natural wilderness habitats that house BC’s wildlife, plants, and insect species, thrive by doing as nature intended without human interference, and by outdoor adventuring with guides connecting the understanding of nature and all its beauty, exploring these wilderness habitats, creates little interference with the Grizzly and Black Bears and the wild wilderness they live in. For BC, one of the best viewing opportunities and sought after guided vacations, are for Grizzly Bear and Black Bears, and BC’s Chilcotin regions has unique habitats for the bears, with a rich assortment of foods, natural bedding and dens, and lots of fresh water, for raising cubs and thriving. This Grizzly and Black Bear Tracking and Conservation Adventure is specifically set up to tap into the connection we can have with nature, and gain a deeper understanding of the uniqueness that is BCs wilderness.

Being guided through the South Chilcotin Mountains, and having a living, breathing reality of what you seek in the wilderness, is thrilling and brings a whole new way to see the world. The guides expertly maneuver through the terrains and valleys, and into positions where you have the full effects of bear sightings. Gaining firsthand knowledge and insights of Grizzly Bears and Black Bears, as guides point out opportunities for learning and developing skills to understand nature and how to spot signs of animal activity, and what to do next. It’s an exciting thrill of possibilities, when scouting new trails and what they could lead to, and with the new knowledge of Grizzly’s and Black Bear habitats and behaviors, you’re on your way to finding out. The 4-day Grizzly and Black Bear Tracking and Conservation Adventure is packed with scouting tracks, taking pictures, enjoying the vast wilderness BC has to offer, and relish in what the wilderness has hidden beneath her canopy.

Making the connection and appreciation, sharing in the knowledge of wildlife, the conservation and understanding to protect BC’s wilderness, resides within every outdoor adventurer.

All-inclusive adventures with Chilcotin Holidays Guest Ranch are teeming with delicious and hearty meals, soft warm beds, friendly staff and activities for everyone to enjoy. To increase wildlife viewing chances, lunches are brought on packhorses to ensure extended time in the saddle search of scouting and tracking beautiful Grizzly and Black Bears. Experience what’s around you by exploring vacated dens, territorial tree markings, foods sources and plants, and making physical contact with their habitats, deepens the connections of Grizzly and Black Bear sightings, with seeing and understandings majestic wildlife in the wilderness of BC’s Chilcotin Mountains.


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