Ice Fishing

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Ice fishingIce fishing is a unique experience that is practiced by different cultures around the world. The lakes of the South Chilcotin Mountains is home to an abundant population of diverse fish species. Fishes like Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Bull Trout, Mountain Whitefish, and Kokanee Salmon can be found and caught in these immaculate Canadian lakes. If you’re a complete newbie or a total pro to fishing, Chilcotin Holidays ensures an unforgettable fishing trip in the frozen lakes of British Columbia.

On day one you will arrive at midday and be served lunch. After lunch you will be having a map orientation with your guides, highlighting the best fishing spots in the property. To ensure your safety, you will discuss the safety and survival skills along with the angling license regulations. Learn about angling techniques and select your preferred fishing equipment. Head out to a local lake and try to catch a few fishes. Return for a ranch style dinner and spend the night in ranch accommodations.

On days two and three you will be learning basic entomology (study of insects) in preparation for fishing after a hearty breakfast at the ranch. A discussion of basic angling methods will also be done with your guides before you head out to local lakes to start your ice fishing trip. You will have a short lunch break before continuing fishing and return to the ranch for dinner. Before you go to sleep you will complete a daily fishing report.

On day four, you will have a morning fishing activity after breakfast and update lake records before a farewell lunch and graduation. You will then depart from the ranch after four days of peace and fun.

Please note that we try to follow the itinerary as much as possible but due to changes in weather and circumstances, we may need to adapt to any circumstance as to what we see proper.


by Melissa D.


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