How the buschcraft training makes my life more easy

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How the buschcraft training makes my life more easyBe in touch with the wilderness and live in line with her is one of the reason of why I came in the Chilcotin Holidays.

Of course there is a big difference between thinking of it and living it, so when I arrived on the ranch I really wanted to have a big experience in the wilderness.

I talked about this purpose and did some research about survival and all the activities provided here.

After few weeks I discovered one wich seemed to match very well with my interest !

It’s called « Buschcraft course », four day in the wilderness with only tools a knife and some strings. Thanksfully, also with an incredible survival instructor who is Nick.

My first feeling during this Bushcraft adventure was the incredible amount of ressources there were all around me.

If you need material, you don’t need to go to buy one, take what you have around you and create what you need. That’s one of the major things I learned there.

My sense of creativity was always at 200% during this bushcraft course and I realized that my only limitation was my imagination.

Who can believe that you can make a tent just with stick and leaves or an adjustable stick to control the temperature of your coffee or again create a solid tripod without any nail.

I was also in connection with my deep reality, no fancy things or useless invention, just the essential : food, water and bed.

Now I can appreciate the simple things and understand how important they are. We tend to forgot about the essential with all the comfort around us but when you have to create this comfort for yourself, at this moment you can really appreciate it.

In a survival situation have a solution to achieve what you want to, the wilderness is generous and the knowledge does not weight anything. It’s the same in every environment, all is around and you have to build your own reality with to.

I also feel really more confident after this Bushcraft adventure, if I can survive in a wilderness environment, being in the city is a children game.

During this bushcraft course I developed my potential and I learned more about myself, I know that I need the nature and how to receive a lot of benefit from her.

I discovered how life can be easy and how we love to complicate things sometimes.

I also found a new passion about wild medicinal plants and edible.

The biggest lessons I have learned on my Bushcraft adventure in this bushcraft course is that there is a solution for every situations and if you care about what you are doing, you can achieve a lot more of what you can imagine.


Melvin, France