Grizzly and Black Bear Conservation and Tracking Horse Pack Trip

Are you looking for an environmentally sustainable bear tracking horse pack trip that allows you to make your contribution to nature?

Our guided grizzly and black bear tracking horse pack trip will take you through the rugged wilderness of the Chilcotin Ark to learn more about the nature around you and within you. Our bear tracking trip in British Columbia provides you with hands-on experience in grizzly and black bear identification, behaviour and habitats and conservation projects. This allows you to make your contribution to conservation, grow and gain a new perspective on life that can’t always be found in busy city streets. Some of the opportunities you and your family will experience on a grizzly and black bear tracking trip with us are:

  • Get involved with conservation and stewardship to help preserve wildlife
  • Learn how to track and spot signs of Bear activity
  • Learn about the difference between black and grizzly bears
  • Ride through wildflower meadows and to the mountain tops
  • Ride at dawn and dusk, prime bear viewing times
  • Explore the power of a true connection with nature and how you can conserve it
  • Develop new skills that empower you to grow and evolve such as saddling your horse

Grizzly and Black Bear Tracking Horse Pack Trip itinerary

On our grizzly and black bear tracking horse pack trip, arrive at the ranch and enjoy lunch in our historic lodge. Then meet your horse, learn how to saddle, take a short ride to prepare for tomorrow and review the grizzly and black bear tracking horse pack trip itinerary with your guides.

Early next morning bring in your horses, saddle your riding horse, learn to pack the pack horses then ride out to camp. Scout for bears at prime spots along the way. Unsaddle and stake your horses in the wildflower meadows, cook dinner over the campfire and enjoy the night in your wall tent, allowing you to stay close to nature throughout the trip.

The next morning ride out at sunrise to check for tracks and scout for bears in their prime locations. Learn about the differences in habitat and behaviour between grizzly and black bears. Return to camp for breakfast, or make a fire and cook on the trail.

Enjoy a day ride to the mountain tops and learn more about the flora and fauna. Record every animal you see in our wildlife sightings form to contribute to habitat and population management. Remove invasive plant species and collect data along the way such as grizzly hair from rub trees for DNA analysis. Return to camp for dinner, then ride out at sunset for one last look for black and grizzly bears. With many different species in the Chilcotin Ark, you might also see mule deer, mountain goats, moose, California Bighorn sheep and wolves, depending on location.

On our seven day trip, you will have two more days scouting for bears, returning to spots where you saw bears the day before, or trying somewhere new.

The next day, pack up camp and ride back to the ranch, looking for bears and tracks along the way.

On your final morning, learn how to do bareback riding, archery and biathlon target shooting before lunch with a final review of the week’s adventure.

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