Ghost Town photography tour

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Ghost Town photography tourHave you ever wanted to capture something different?  Something that has the element of mystery revolving around it?  Something unusual, unique, mysterious, and a bit terrifying?  Well, you are in luck for Chilcotin Holidays is giving you the opportunity to capture some of the ghost towns and mining camps located within the surrounding areas of the South Chilcotin Mountains.  It does not matter if you will be taking photos on a simple smartphone or on a professional DSLR with interchangeable lenses or if you are a newbie or a pro in the art of photography.  This tour gives you to opportunity to learn new things and camaraderie with the people you will be travelling with.  This trip is available from the months of May to November and is limited to eight participants each session.

Ghost Towns Photography

This trip focuses on abandoned mining towns, some still remain a mystery as to why it was abandoned.  This is a different take on thrill as it is not the usual wild rush that you get from the wilderness, it is the horror and chills that you get from the deafening silence of these once lively places.  Feel the haunting fascination of these mysteries rush through you as you take the most beautiful photographs that you can.  Challenge yourself by seeing if you could capture the horrifying beauty of these abandoned places.  Although you will be focusing on the structures, you will also encounter living creatures.  Do not miss the opportunity to capture some of Canada’s iconic animals as they roam around freely.  Not only will you be taking stunning photographs, you will also be educated on the ecological importance of every single thing that you will come across the tour.

Please keep in mind that this is only offered from May to November and is limited to eight participants per session to provide one-on-one monitoring and group discussions.