First time as an assistant trail guide

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First time as an assistant trail guideThe day after I arrived at Chilcotin holidays, after taking the two week guide school program, I had the opportunity to be an assistant trail guide. Having three amazing guests, who were all eager to help out and get involved, made the wilderness pack trip a week to remember.

Packing, for the second time, did not go as quickly as planned. The guests and lead trail guide, Kristin, made the job fun and exciting. Once we got on the trail after a long morning getting the pack and riding horses ready, I realized wilderness pack trips are worth the late nights and hard work. It is an experience that both guests and trail guides love.

At Chilcotin Holidays, being an assistant trail guide on the wilderness pack trip means you stay in the back and assist the guest and make sure they are following riding procedure and staying safe while helping the lead guide when needed. The three guest were very good at following procedure which made my job a lot easier. They were very capable riders and they could have been trail guides themselves.

While at Leckie camp we did day rides out to Spruce Meadows, Jewel Bridge, Leckie Valley, and Beaver Pond. We saw mule deer, many mountain goats, black bear with her cub, and a grizzly bear. It was quite the sight seeing the grizzly bear. On the last day we went to beaver pond and stopped for a snack not noticing the grizzly right around the corner. The grizzly bear had noticed us but still went to the pond for a drink and a quick nap. Chilcotin Holidays provides the perfect setting for wilderness pack trips and experiencing nature close up. For myself, being a wilderness trail guide and experiencing moments like the grizzly bear is one thing I will always look forward to.

I still have a lot to learn about wilderness pack trips and trail guiding but I know it is what I want to do even if that means late nights and hours of hard work. Experiencing animals and nature in such a close environment is just icing on the cake. My first time as an assistant guide was a success and I can not wait until my next wilderness pack trip with new guest and new experiences.


Karalee, BC