Dude Ranch experience

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Dude Ranch experience (7day trip)

The mid and late 1800s of our neighbor, the United States of America, is one of its most fascinating time periods in history.  This time period is more commonly known as the Wild West.  If you have ever dreamt of having this experience, you are in luck for Chilcotin Holidays just has the vacation trip for you.  The Dude Ranch Experience is where the daring and bold style of the Wild American West meets the untamed Canadian wilderness.  Some activities that are available in this experience include Wildlife Viewing by Truck or Horseback, Conservation of the Area, Bear Safety and Defense Target Shooting, Horseback Riding Competitions, Archery, Exploration of a Gold Mine Shaft and so much more.

On day one you will depart from Vancouver aboard the Chilcotin Bus Shuttle and arrive at midday, just in time for lunch.  After a Horse Riding Orientation where you are matched to your horse and practice horsemanship skills, there will be an introductory ride along Gun creek.  After dinner you will have a map orientation with your guides then spend the night in ranch accommodations.

Dude Ranch experience (7day trip)On day two, you will spend the whole day travelling through the wilderness.  Head out after a hearty breakfast on horseback and explore the mountains trails.  Return to the ranch for a lunch break.  Spend the rest of the afternoon continuing your adventure on a new mountain trail and head back to the ranch for dinner.  Before you go to sleep, relax around a campfire and roast some marshmallows.

On days three to five you will ride out for a full day on horseback for a mountain exploration after breakfast at the ranch. Lunch will be done on the mountains. Continue riding past evergreens and icy blue rivers before returning to the ranch for dinner.  You may do some star-gazing before you retire to bed.

On day six you will head out on a wildlife viewing expedition on horseback or by truck after breakfast.  Return to the ranch by lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon with a hike.  After dinner you will go to a campfire under the starry sky before retiring to bed.

On day seven, after breakfast, you will be taking bareback horse riding lessons and practice marksmanship skills with a round of target shooting. Have a farewell lunch before departing for Vancouver.

Dude Ranch experience (7day trip)Please note that we do stick as much as possible to the itinerary.  Changes in weather and circumstances may cause us to adjust the schedules to what we see as proper.

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