Custom Adventure Planner

Create your own custom, wilderness adventure. We use our extensive wilderness experience and insider knowledge to turn your wilderness dreams into a reality!

Over the years, Chilcotin Holidays has welcomed guests with interests and abilities that are as diverse as the wilderness around us. That’s why we provide the opportunity for individuals and groups to create their own custom wilderness adventure. From activities and experiences to rental gear and accommodations, you have the freedom to hand-pick every detail of your journey. This provides an ideal opportunity for families and groups to create a custom wilderness adventure that’s perfectly suited to their unique interests.  And regardless of what activities and services you select, you can rest assured that our extensive wilderness experience and insider knowledge of this territory support every single trip option.


So what are you waiting for? Tell us what your dream wilderness adventure looks like by using the form below (it only takes a few minutes). Then we’ll get to work and start turning your dream into a reality!