Cougar / Mountain Lion Tracking and Conservation Adventure

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There is a different kind of thrill when you are tracking one of the most dangerous predators on the face of the Earth. The heart-pumping anticipation of pursuing the tracks and encountering these wildcats is a chance you may get to experience with Chilcotin Holidays’ Cougar and Mountain Lion Tracking and Conservation Adventure. Here is the basic overview of the itinerary.

On day one you will arrive at the ranch at midday and will be greeted by a warm lunch. A map orientation on all the tracks and places will be done so you can be familiar with the surroundings. Your guides will be teaching you the basics of tracking these wildcats as well as an overview of their instincts. Then you will head out and follow the trail and pursue the mountain lions by truck or snowmobile. Return to ranch for dinner and admire the starry night sky before spending the night in ranch accommodations.

On days two and three you will have breakfast at the ranch before heading out for your thrilling adventure. Hone your observations skills by looking out for mountain lion tracks and following them through the forest and snowy landscapes. Your will be learning more information about mountain lions such as instincts, diets, anatomies, habitats, behavior, and much more. A lunch break will give you the opportunity to admire your surroundings and rest before continuing on to your journey. When the time has come, your group will return to the ranch for dinner and retire to your respective ranch accommodations.

On the last day you will head out on one final exploration on tracking these predators after breakfast. Review and discuss all the mountain lion activities and highlights from the past two days with your guides. Return to the ranch for a farewell lunch before departing for Vancouver aboard the Chilcotin Bus Shuttle to hopefully arrive in the evening.

Please note that we try to follow the itinerary as much as possible but due to changes in weather and circumstances, we may need to adapt to any circumstance as to what we see proper. This trip also requires a basic to moderate level of fitness for pursuing these animals will require you to hike through different terrains. Winter gear and winter boots with good ankle support is needed to make the experience as enjoyable and comfortable for you as possible.


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Cougar / Mountain Lion Tracking and Conservation Adventure

Cougar / Mountain Lion Tracking and Conservation Adventure