Canadian Wildlife Horse Pack Trip

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Canadian Wildlife Horse Pack Trip (7day trip)Canada is home to many fantastic creatures and British Colombia is home to a larger number of species than any other Canadian province. Chilcotin Holidays is offering you an opportunity to have an encounter with these animals.  The seven-day Canadian Wildlife Horse Pack Trip is a unique way for you to experience the Canadian wildlife while riding Cayuse horses.  Cayuse horses are descendants of wild horses which enables them to take you to more breathtaking terrains that no other way of transportation can do.  From the high alpine ridge tops where the Bighorn sheep stay to the willow forests where the moose gallop free, every terrain is an exciting, new adventure.

On the first day you will be arriving at the ranch on the Chilcotin Express Shuttle from Vancouver at midday.  After lunch at the ranch, you will be attending the Horse Riding Orientation where we match the riders to their horse, fit saddles, and practice horsemanship skills.  Then there will be an introductory trail guide along Gun Creek and you will be reviewing trip information with your guides during dinner.  After dinner you will be repacking personal gear into mountain duffel bags and then spend the night in ranch accommodations.

On day two you will be served breakfast at the ranch.  Then your guides will then pack and saddle the horses.  You also may get a hands-on orientation or experience with your guides if you wish.  You will then begin the adventure of looking out for various forms of Canadian wildlife on horseback.  On a beautiful wildflower meadow, your group and your horses will be having your lunch break.  Continue your exploration as our guides discuss various facts about everything you see.  You will be spending the night at a mountain camp.  Once you arrive, you may relax or join your guides in leading the horses to their grazing meadows.  You will then have dinner and rest.


Canadian Wildlife Horse Pack Trip (7day trip)

Days three to five are new days of new opportunities with nature.  After breakfast you will be riding out to new terrains after retrieving the horses from their meadows.  You will be greeted with new and more awe-inspiring views where these majestic creatures reside.  So make sure that you have your camera out and ready for anything that might catch your attention and Instagram-worthy (but honestly, everything here out in the wild is Instagram-worthy).  You will have a lunch break but not a break from the beautiful surroundings.  Continue to explore the landscape before returning to camp.

Day six will start with breakfast at camp then continues with one last ride through the terrain.  Have a lunch break on top of a mountain pass or alpine meadow before heading back to the ranch.  Once you arrive back to ranch, you will be served dinner and gather around the fireplace or perch at the deck for star-gazing.  Day six ends at spending the night in ranch.

Day seven is the last but not the least.  After breakfast at the ranch, you may take bareback riding lessons or learn how to shoot a target.  Have a farewell lunch at the ranch before riding the shuttle back to Vancouver.

Please note that we try to follow the itinerary as much as possible but due to changes in weather and circumstances, we may need to adapt to any circumstance as to what we see proper.  This trip also requires a basic level of fitness and good footwear with ankle support.

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