Bushcrafting harmony: living and connecting to nature

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Bushcrafting harmony: living and connecting to natureBushcraft Canada: The Basics program, takes wilderness skills to the next level in living off the land, teaching how to live independently and create wilderness comforts, by relying on yourself and not your gear. Nature has everything we need to live and prosper, with medicines and medical care, food, shelter, tools, water, fire, it’s loaded with natural resources for all needs, but its only useful if you know what to look for, where to look and what to do when you find it. Bushcrafting is empowering and a confidence builder, and by gaining exclusive wilderness skills, it gives a whole new appreciation towards all that is nature. Each challenge faced in bushcrafting, discovers knowledge and abilities needed, gaining essential skills and wilderness know-how to achieve wilderness independence.

Nature provides for our survival, and with Bushcrafting Canada, this wilderness course will give you the ability to learn first-hand what it is you need to know, and how you can make that an advantage while you are exploring. You will learn how wilderness skills can keep navigation and map the wilderness, by natural markers (sun, stars, trees, mountains). Constructing shelters, starting a fire, cooking and prepping food, tool making, purifying water with natural filters, as well as track and understand wildlife behavior, are Bushcrafting basics. It highlights the understanding of what’s around you, what can be usable, what to stay away from, and builds wilderness techniques and identification skills. If you have nothing in your pocket, you can survive with the wilderness skills absorbed from Chilcotin Holidays’ Bushcrafting Canada: The basics, program.

It is quite remarkable to build shelters out of raw materials lying around, and insulating to stay warm and dry, and many ways to provide sustenance with wilderness skills; by foraging for wild edibles, fishing and hunting. For being in nature, this program gives you the wilderness skills to find nature’s delights. It is also important to know how to clean and prepare the foods you find, and learning to use the bushcrafting tools, as it makes using them in the wilderness safer; axes, knives, and saws and so on. You can build your own hunting equipment, eating and cooking tools, ropes, there is a lot to learn about and enjoy, from your own two hands.

It is very important to know what is out in the wilderness, which animals can be for food and what ones to stay away from, even insects matter. It’s also the same with plants and different floras; as identifying plants can save your life, especially since there are no hospitals in the wilderness, knowing keeps you alive. There are safe plants that offer useful purposes and benefits, like edible plants, medicinal plants, and knowing the plants that cause a great deal of fuss and worry, such as poison ivy, it causes itchy burning rashes and lots of discomfort the more you move around, and if you find yourself in it, you can use bushcrafting medicinal methods. Bushcrafting programs generate competence and confidence with bushcrafting and wilderness skills.


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