Bighorn Sheep Tracking and Conservation Adventure

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Bighorn Sheep Tracking and Conservation AdventureThe Bighorn sheep is a species native to North America and Chilcotin Holidays is offering you the opportunity to witness one of nature’s most intense animals. You will get the chance to watch them battle for dominance atop stunning mountain tops that only happens once a year.

On day one you will arrive at the ranch at midday and will be greeted by a warm lunch. A map orientation on all the tracks and places will be done so you can be familiar with the surroundings. Then you will head out in our wildlife viewing truck and follow the trail and look out not only for Bighorn sheep but for other of Canada’s iconic animals. You will also be able to see moose, grizzly bears, black bears, different bird species, wolves, deer, and much more in the untouched wilderness. Return to ranch for dinner and do a basic review of the itinerary with yours guides for the next two days. Marvel at starry night sky or relax around the campfire before spending the night in ranch accommodations.

Days two and three have the same itinerary. After breakfast at the ranch you will ride the wildlife viewing truck to the key viewing points and scout out for bighorn sheep. Hone and improve your tracking skills as you look for signs for Bighorn sheep and learn more about these creatures. Always have your camera ready especially after lunch break to capture photos of Bighorn sheep, the beautiful landscapes, and other animals that you will spot. Return to the ranch for dinner and sleep.

On the last day you will head out on one final exploration on tracking the sheep after breakfast. Review and discuss all the Bighorn sheep activities and highlights from the past two days with your guides. Return to the ranch for a farewell lunch before departing for Vancouver aboard the Chilcotin Bus Shuttle to hopefully arrive in the evening.


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Bighorn Sheep Bighorn Sheep Bighorn Sheep