Being a woman at the Ranch

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Being a woman at the ranchBeing a woman anywhere in the world is not always easy. Traveling on my own for the last year I experienced it a lot, people looking around to see who is the guy who should be on my side or telling me up front how dangerous I am doing what I do. I decided to live my life as an independent woman and I make that decision every single day. You can see danger where I see opportunity, opportunities to show the world that anything is possible but you need to make the first step. My mother used to tell me at a rough time of my life that “a marathon always starts with a first run” and as a sport woman I related to that a lot.

It takes another level at the ranch where all the jobs around are for men in many people’s mind. I don’t think the term cowboy is a mistake of language and we all know what a cowgirl is, again in many (but not all!) people’s mind. This may seem unbelievable to you but here being smart and responsible is much more important than being physically strong as the society tells you to be. Of course your body needs time to adapt because you need to be fit but maybe not like all these advertising we are forced to see all day everywhere. Working outdoor, on a roof or on a horse demands a lot of physical activities but doesn’t necessary wear a size 0. On the contrary I would say you need to be resourceful as being a person adaptable but your body also needs to adapt. Which is why I can be a woman and do as much as man would. And as a man you don’t have to be all muscle and everybody can see your 6 packs from miles away either. All that matters is what do you want to do in your life? What interests have you got? And then go for it no matter where it takes you, hopefully out of your comfort zone if you want my opinion. That’s the only place where you can see for real what you are capable of.

So my answer to whose wondering how I manage to take risks and keep pushing my limits further and further is, “ are you happy with the decisions you make everyday?”. Personally I am and there is nothing on my to do list before I die, because I live by that list every single day. Waiting for something to happen while I can work hard and take responsibilities for what I chose to do in my life, that’s my way and that’s what the ranch facilitates if you make the first step. Being a woman has little to do here if you give yourself the resources to success, then as anywhere else we are equal with different ways of achieving our goals.


Celina, France