Backcountry Skiing

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Backcountry SkiingThere are times in life when opportunities become a compelling, must do activity; like horseback riding through Chilcotin’s Alpine Mountains and exploring different areas for viewing wildlife, like Grizzly Bears Black Bears; or driving up mountains and biking down, or hiking your way through the wilderness to take in and be a part of nature, and then to embrace your ski-ready winter-self, with some breathtaking backcountry skiing through completely untouched alpine terrains, relishing in the endless winter wonderland all around you, and cozying up after a full day of skiing. Relaxing your worked muscles by a warm fire, in the cozy cabins from Chilcotin Holidays, and kicking back with rich delicious meals, and vast awe-inspiring views of the nights sky, is a must do activity. Chilcotin Holidays embraces backcountry skiing to immeasurable depths with their guests. With over 1000 square kilometers to explore, there is no time like the present to ski your own trail.

Backcountry Skiing through Chilcotin’s Alpine Mountains, takes winter recreation to the next level, with flawlessly smooth packed snow and fresh falling flakes that erase the steps behind you, and freshen what’s in front. Skiing is a great way to take in the Chilcotin Mountains, while the pace and difficulty of backcountry skiing, is set to your comfort levels, whether you want slick alpine bowls or perfect white slopes, these pristine Alpine Mountains are fresh and invigorating to explore.

Chilcotin Holiday’s inclusive comforts and monetary needs, like food, medical supplies, warm clothes, toiletries, sleeping gear and so on, are packed in for the night stay at a mountain cabin, keeping you backcountry skiing for as long as possible, enjoying the deep snow ranges, exciting twists, and far reaching heights. When morning comes around, the bags are packed, a hearty meal fills you up and you set off again to take in more of the beautiful wintery wilderness. This winter wilderness is not just an amazing outing for guests, its home to the many winter savvy wildlife and as you skiing around, there is a chance of getting to see wildlife wherever you go; like lynx, bobcat, cougar, moose, deer, big horn sheep and wolves, could be just a mountain trek away.

Each trail in the wintery Alpine Mountains leads to new discoveries and stunning views, invigorating the body and senses in nature’s freedoms and unmatched beauty. At the end of the day, this experience is something you will take home and enjoy for years to come, as backcountry skiing opens up our world to the tracks you’ve made and the tracks you will make, embracing a new freedom from each new trail you explore. With Chilcotin Holidays, they can offer many adventures and journeys for people to take on and explore, reconnecting with a rich historical environment in winter, spring, summer and fall, where you will always find something new to do, to learn, and enjoy wherever you go. Backcountry Skiing is a beautiful chance to see nature in a crisp untouched white background.


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