Mountain Lion Tracking
Ranch Based

Turn the tables on this elusive predator

Mountain lion... cougar... puma... panther...

No matter what you call these big cats, they are a majestic creatures- a marvel of strength, speed, agility, and extreme stealth. During the winter months, mountain lions follow their prey to the lower mountain slopes and valley floors surrounding our ranch, providing a unique opportunity to see mountain lions in Canada.

Thrill of the chase

Pursuing a creature as majestic as the mountain lion adds an entirely new dimension to wildlife viewing. The sheer challenge of tracking an animal that is designed for stealth infuses every part of this journey with thrill and anticipation. As you scout for cougar tracks with your guide, you’ll experience a different side of nature. Every detail of the wilderness takes on new significance as you learn the art of tracking down the mountain lion: an animal that survives by making itself invisible.

Our experienced wilderness guides will give you new insights into the art of wildlife viewing. As you learn how the weather, the environment, and local wildlife interact, you’ll get unprecedented exposure to the inner workings of this mighty wilderness, along with knowledge specific to the mountain lion. From territory-marking scratch piles to the big cats’ habitual stalking routes, you’ll learn the unique habits and behaviors of mountain lions in Canada. With each new snowfall, scour the trails for cougar tracks. Continue to build your wildlife viewing and wilderness skills as you utilize weather patterns to determine whether the mountain lion passed by hours ago or days ago.

  • Discover the rush of tracking mountain lions through the frozen Canadian wilderness
  • Witness the beauty of Canada’s snow-covered landscapes, that sparkle under the winter sun
  • Journey through rugged terrain, thick forests, and quiet river valleys as you pursue these elusive creatures
  • Let your sense of adventure and renewed enthusiasm fuel the journey through this wondrous, wild terrain

Day 1
  • Early morning departure from Vancouver aboard the Chilcotin Express Shuttle
  • Midday arrival and lunch at the ranch
  • Map orientation that highlights the trails and places you’ll explore throughout your mountain lion tracking adventure
  • Gain an understanding of mountain lions’ unique instincts and learn how to identify their tracks
  • Follow the trail and pursue mountain lions through the frozen expanse, by truck or snowmobile
  • Return to the ranch for dinner
  • Evening scouting for cougar and mountain lion by truck
  • Take a moment to marvel at nature’s starry show in the night sky
  • Overnight in ranch accommodations
Day 2 and 3
  • Early morning scouting for cougar and mountain lion
  • Breakfast at the ranch
  • Head out for an adventurous morning, following promising trails through wooded forests and snow-covered terrain
  • Along the way, hone your tracking skills and learn more about mountain lions’ impressive instincts
  • Lunch at the mountains
  • Continue tracking mountain lions by truck or snowmobile, making the most of weather patterns and subtle clues to direct your search
  • Homestyle dinner at the ranch
  • Evening scouting for cougar and mountain lion by truck
  • Overnight in ranch accommodations
Day 4
  • Early morning scouting for cougar and mountain lion
  • Breakfast at the ranch
  • Embark on your final tracking expedition for these elusive predators
  • Drawing upon observations and signs of mountain lion activity from the past two days, we maximize the morning’s viewing opportunities
  • Return to the ranch for a farewell lunch
  • Depart from the ranch, arriving in Vancouver in the evening

**Please Note: Our trips are subject to the unpredictable weather and terrain conditions that come with a mountainous environment. And while we do our best to stick to the itinerary, there are times when the current conditions and needs of the group require us to adjust schedules, campsites, etc. This is part of any true wilderness experience, however, and we are well equipped to adapt the adventure to changing conditions.

*** Our Mountain Lion Tracking adventure requires a basic to moderate fitness level, as stalking the animal might involve hiking through up to knee-deep snow. Good winter boots with ankle support and winter gear to keep you warm are highly recommended.


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