Bighorn Sheep Rut
Ranch Based

A clash of the titans on nature’s grandest stage

Witness the dogged courage and feel the ricochet of power from these extraordinary creatures

In the mountains of Canada, a fierce battle has been raging for thousands of years. Experience the short, intense fight for dominance during our Bighorn Sheep Rut Adventure. During this spectacular showdown, witness the rams sparring and outmaneuvering each other on the precarious ridge tops. Hear the deafening crash of horns echo through the mountains as the bighorn sheep collide at full speed. The pre-rut battle only lasts two weeks, so don’t miss this short-lived wildlife viewing opportunity.

A front-row seat to one of nature’s greatest shows

Witness the dogged courage and feel the ricochet of power from these extraordinary creatures as they battle it out on the mountain tops. This epic battle before each bighorn sheep rut injects new energy and excitement into wildlife viewing. Every nuance of this clash between titans is inspiring. From the way the bighorn sheep navigate death-defying ridges to the sheer impact of the rams’ collisions, this bighorn sheep rut adventure will fill you with wide-eyed wonder and a greater vision of nature’s majesty. With horns that can reach nearly 1 meter in length and speeds of up to 64 kilometers per hour, the power the rams generate with each crash does more than send sound waves reverberating through the valleys. That kind of power reaches to the core of man, stirring up the courage and resolve to make your own waves in life.

An unrivalled setting

The South Chilcotin Mountains are among the best wildlife areas to see the rams duking it out before the yearly bighorn sheep rut. These mountains are home to thriving, stable populations of bighorn sheep. Our wildlife areas have a unique mix of waterholes, dry tundra and mountain ridges, which has fostered resident herds- something that’s incredibly rare for the typically transient bighorn sheep. Our local herds winter along the southern slopes, where the sun keeps the snow packs at bay. This location provides ideal wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the bighorn sheep rut. With clear sight-lines of the epic showdown, our wildlife areas provide a prime opportunity for stunning wildlife photography. And while you’ll leave with frame-worthy photographs, you’ll likely return home with a new appreciation for the endless depths of power that are within us all.

  • Explore hidden Ridges frequented by bighorn sheep
  • Hone your tracking skills and learn to spot signs of Big Horn Sheep, Deer, Wolves and Moose
  • Feel the thrill of following promising leads along the trail
  • Witness Canada’s majestic wildlife in their natural habitat
  • Discover the soul-stirring beauty of BC’s true wilderness

Day 1
  • Early morning departure from Vancouver aboard the Chilcotin Express Shuttle
  • Midday arrival and lunch at the ranch
  • Map orientation that highlights the trails and places you’ll explore throughout your Wildlife photography trip
  • Head out in our wildlife viewing truck and scout for Big horn Sheep, Moose, Wolves and Deer along the way
  • Dinner and review of tomorrow’s itinerary with your guide
  • Evening scouting for bighorn sheep by truck
  • Relax around the fireplace or step onto the deck for spectacular star-gazing
  • Overnight in ranch accommodations
Day 2 and 3
  • Early morning scouting for bighorn sheep
  • Hearty breakfast at the ranch
  • Visit key bighorn sheep viewing locations with our wildlife viewing truck
  • Gain new tracking skills as you learn more about the instincts and behaviours influencing each species movement
  • Keep your camera ready for more bighorn sheep and wildlife viewing opportunities after lunch
  • Drive back to the ranch for a home-style dinner
  • Evening scouting for bighorn sheep by truck
  • Overnight in ranch accommodations
Day 4
  • Early morning scouting for bighorn sheep
  • Breakfast at the ranch
  • Hop into the wildlife viewing truck for one final tracking expedition
  • Using trail conditions and Big Horn Sheep observations from the past two days, we maximize the morning’s viewing opportunities
  • Return to the ranch for a farewell lunch
  • Depart from the ranch, arriving in Vancouver, Surrey, in the evening

**Please Note: Our trips are subject to the unpredictable weather and terrain conditions that come with a mountainous environment. And while we do our best to stick to the itinerary, there are times when the current conditions and needs of the group require us to adjust schedules, campsites, etc. This is part of any true wilderness experience, however, and we are well equipped to adapt the adventure to changing conditions.


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